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Walkamile 04-22-2012 09:18 PM

"Inflammergic"/IAD & Spirulina Wafers
Okay, so this past Wednesday was my horses annual vet check and spring shots appointment. Besides T's eye acting up (ERU), we found that both horses had something "brewing" with their lungs.

I kind of suspected, as T had started coughing five days prior, and Walka coughed a couple of times (something he has never done). I knew that they had been fed a couple of bales of hay that had been a bit dusty (though I shake each flake out very well and they are fed outside I knew better darn it!). So, I figured the coughing was connected to the dust.

Well, it seems that it probably is the case, but an added twist is that my vet believes that my mare (23 yrs old) probably has seasonal allergies too and that has also contributed to her more extreme reaction.

To make a long story short, I'm soaking the hay , regardless of there not being any dust present for the time being, as a precaution to help prevent any further irritation to their airways/lungs. Seems to be working as both their respiratory rates are back to 8, and T is coughing very little, Walka not at all. They were given a shot of banamine by the vet and I am giving the prescribed dose of aspirin for 3 days.

Now my question. The vet recommended a product called Spirulina (wafer form) to aid in the seasonal allergies that T possibly is experiencing and Walka may follow suit with if he follows in his mothers immune challenges as he ages. Has any one here used this product are know someone that has? My vet feels that I would only have to feed it prior to spring thru spring.

Also, he coined the term "inflammergic" as it covers inflammation plus allergic causes , I thought it was pretty clever, just a side note.

So, thanks for reading, and I will appreciate anything you have to contribute concerning the Spirulina waffers, or possibly a product that you are using instead.


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