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ernie5567 04-23-2012 07:41 PM

Trotting Bareback! Yikes!
So I had a lesson with my trainer and we were working on EVERYTHING! My brain almost exploded!:shock: Well anyway my 1st problem is keeping my shoulders back and my butt down when sitting the trot bareback, I can do it just fine in a saddle but honestly, I pretty much failed at my lesson. I know to keep my heels down but i always try to hold on with my calves/heels which sends this horse into a frenzy.
I feel so bad that i'm confusing this poor horse telling her to stop and go at the same time.

The second problem is i don't know that i'm putting more pressure on one side. I know this sounds odd but i'm simply trying to go straight and she does a random side pass!! Also when i'm trying to do a side pass I know the back has to move before the front bur i don't know how to keep the horses body even. Does that make any sense, or am i just crazy?!

Lastly I need help moving the different parts of the horse. I know in general the hands belong to the mouth and the leg moves the back. My riding instructor was trying to teach me how t move just the shoulder out or just the hip but i could just not get it right. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Just re-read this and I kind of sound like and idiot:oops: I'm still relatively new to riding as i have only been riding for about 7 months. Sorry for the rant :/

Amlalriiee 04-24-2012 06:45 PM

It sounds like you're doing great for such a new rider! Bareback is hard...sounds like you're tensing up and collapsing your position because of being nervous...that will go away with time, I did it too when I first rode bareback.

As far as the lateral movements, I think it's completely normal for the motion to be crooked at first, just keep working with your instructor and you will get it!! Oh...and don't worry too much about "confusing" the horse. Horses are pretty forgiving of silly mistakes, as long as you are a kind rider and are making the effort, you shouldn't feel guilty. Good luck!

ernie5567 04-24-2012 06:50 PM

Thanks for the encouragement. My instuctor wants me to ride bareback first so i can learn to feel the horse's energy and learn how to move each part of the body. It's a good idea but i must say i like saddles better!

Amlalriiee 04-24-2012 07:25 PM

Well, that is a difficult way to learn and I haven't really heard of it being done.....BUT she is absolutely right that you can feel the motion better, and you will be a FANTASTIC rider once you do use a saddle!

ernie5567 04-24-2012 07:40 PM

Thats what my trainer is always saying!! I'm trying to picture it cause it's not working out yet. :/ i'll get eventually!

Amlalriiee 04-24-2012 08:14 PM

If you ever get the chance to watch a saddle-dependent rider who has ridden for 10+ years and just didn't do the bareback work, you will be glad you did it this way....when I first tried last year (I had been riding for 13 years and was confident with a saddle) I thought I was going to fall off at the trot too!

Back2Horseback 05-28-2012 12:57 PM

Wow! Believe it or not, I'm thrilled I came across this thread! I say this because my most difficult aspect of riding in general has ALWAYS BEEN (even as a kid!) learning to FEEL THE MOVEMENT OF THE HORSE BENEATH ME AND WORK FROM THERE!

My trainer and I had a long discussion last week about how to build my core the fastest, how to really get me to allow her movements to "throw" me up and out of the saddle to post the trot, and how to allow my hips to move in concert with her forward and backward movements.

What we settled on was lunge line work, smallish circles with my eyes closed and my trainer controlling her direction while I simply moved with the horse as my body felt her moving. It worked really well, best lesson I've ever had! I could really feel her move differently when she was collected and working from "behind" & underneath herself vs. when she was on the forehand.

Yet, it was hard. I wonder if my trainer would allow ME to work bareback? I LOVE the idea of REALLY BEING ABLE to feel her, to work the heck out of my core, and to force griping with my upper thigh rather than the lower leg, as we were taught when I was a kid ("sink all your weight into your heels...") whereas NOW, we are taught to use our lower back as a "spring" and ride the horse's up and down movements with the back, while using our hip bones to ride the side to side movements...

I bet bareback, with a quality pad to aid in sticking a bit and protect the horse's spine somewhat could be GREAT! Comments?? Should I talk to my trainer about this, our will she think I'm am idiot? I REALLY want to do this!! Maybe 1/2 lesson bareback, 1/2 with saddle? Feedback??

OP, I am sooo sorry!! I just realized I TOTALLY hijacked your thread...I do think we might BOTH get some good answers here, though...Please don't be upset! Your topic is so awesome and made so much sense to me, I got ahead of myself! I would cut and paste now and move to my own thread but my phone can't do that! Are you okay with sharing this question?? I think your trainer is brilliant, and so apparently, I have now stolen both your trainer's idea AND your thread. Yikes. I'm never so insensitive, maybe I'm way tired...forgive me??:oops:

ernie5567 05-28-2012 06:53 PM

no no no it's great!! I has been a while since i posted this and I have gotten a lot better.
Let me just start with bareback sucks. Well not if your just walking through a pasture but if your actually trying to work, it sucks. Now I don't say this to discourage you. I have learned so so much bareback riding.
I can even sit the trot!

Well I think you should defiantly ask her! After all you are paying her the worst she could say is no! Give her your reasoning and maybe some research if she seems hesitant. I can now work very well in saddle and i can ride english and western all because I was (am being) trained the right way.

Tejas 05-28-2012 07:28 PM

Aw this is too cool! Pix of you riding in the trot or it didnt happen! :P

Amlalriiee 05-28-2012 10:22 PM

I think it's a great really learn the way the horse works when you can feel every muscle moving underneath you!

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