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New_image 04-23-2012 08:49 PM

We had a fight, vet says OK but...
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Well. I am guessing it wasn't much of a fight. The only two out with her at this time were a Thoroughbred mare and our draft horse. ONE of them, I assume the draft, caught my poor old girl in a corner. (I know this because the run in is kicked to h*ll) four acres and we needed to gang up on the old lady for what reason...? :-(

I called a vet out right away because Molly is my dearest girl. She was very stiff and reluctant to move yesterday morning but aside from stiff she had no bad limp. She has over thirty small cuts/missing hair patches, cuts on her front ankles which are quite puffy now and a tear along her vulva. Nothing cosmetically very wrong, nothing a little hair growth wont fix. The vet that I had out says everything looked alright, x-rays wont be necessary, seemed puzzled why I would call him if nothing needed stitches. I called to chat with a second vet whom I hate (not sure why I even bothered) and he felt the need to tell me that shes old, shes twenty five, if she doesn't look like she will pull threw put her down. The third and my preferred vet, is away. (*IF she did need any x-rays, tests or anything the naked eye couldn't tell she would have to be hauled two hours away)

Now the reason I am posting this. (I know, if someone stole my walker and beat me over the head with it at age 75 I would walk funny to) Her left flank has some golf ball sized lumps in the soft belly area. The vet doesn't seem offended, but I wonder about internal bleeding? To ease my very worrisome mind I tried to google internal bleeding symptoms for horses and came up empty. Can someone enlighten me what to watch for and how long until I can breath again?

Secondly, from just before the point of her hip all the way to her tail bone is very sore. I mean if you dropped a cotton ball on her she would wince. Just in front of the hip is swollen (from the point of the hip to her flank). I really worry about a fracture. Again the vet was not worried but... Has anyone had experience with a horse who had a fracture? What would I look for? She isn't limping but I know that isn't always the case with them.

Third reason I decided to break down and bother you all with my worries is because this evening she developed a head toss. What would your thoughts be on that? I was so happy to see her moving around better this morning, 24 hours later. And continuing to eat well. Seeming to be better and better but I don't like THIS at all. The first time I saw her do it was about two hours ago, video here.

Walking wise its slow and stiff but she doesn't limp badly on the leg in question (hip, rather) and she is still more than happy to walk when asked.

She is separated from the others now.
She is walking around on her own, grazing.
She is eating. If anything she eats abnormally fast and acts a little hungry.
She is drinking. I haven't seen her pee and poop but I know that she is.
She does not have a temp. Her gums are a little pale. Breathing is normal.

Her beat up side, (The "wet" matted hair is from lavender oil to help with bruising)

To compare,

Good hip,

Compared to bad hip (You can see the swelling under the point of the hip, the picture doesn't show it as bad as it is)

waresbear 04-23-2012 08:54 PM

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She is a little stiff, like you said. She will most likely be fine though. She is a very pretty girl, I hope she is ok and the others are kept away from her so she won't get beat up again.

CLaPorte432 04-23-2012 09:10 PM

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Poor Molly. :-(

Rascaholic 04-23-2012 09:23 PM

Poor old girl :( She might be having some muscle spasms up her back and into her neck. Maybe some twinging pain left over from the beat down the others gave her. I am glad you separated her though.

New_image 04-23-2012 09:59 PM

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My gut tells me she is just sore, she'll be OK but the oh no! Anyone but that horse! reflex wants to be more sure. I don't like the head tossing. I don't trust our vets. And I cannot find anything great for reading up on the questions I had.

The thing I could really kick myself over is this would have never happend if I hadn't taken her son out of the field. He has been with her since birth, never actually weaned, he is seven now. He is very protective of mom and never away from her. Then with the pending foaling he is nasty with babies and throws small children (literally..) so I wanted him way away. When I moved him a few weeks ago it was the first time they'd been apart and she actually loved it. Its nice on one had that he would have blocked the kicks for her but on the other she isn't allowed to go near the other horses with him around. Shes really enjoyed him not there. But had he been there, the girls wouldn't have beaten up poor Molly. She hates being alone, she doesn't fuss or pace just gets depressed easy if she cannot be with horses OR if there is some reason she cannot take a ride. Poor ol' girl :-(

CurlyIsASpecialStandie 04-23-2012 11:25 PM

Poor old girl! She is beautiful.

To me she looks stiff like you said in your OP.
The lavender oil and a heat pack may help, i have a horse heat pack that has helped my horse with some muscle soreness and stiffness.

BarrelracingArabian 04-23-2012 11:30 PM

She might be slightly out but she looks like she is just very sore poor old girl :(
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dee 04-24-2012 09:50 AM

That vet that called her old at 25 should be shot with rock salt. That's not fair! She has several good years, yet.

I am thinking the knots you are seeing may be bleeding under the skin - aka contusions? We had that happen to one of our geldings when someone turned a recently gelded horse in with the herd a little too soon. That poor little gelding actually colicked from the pain in his belly where he was kicked. Gave him some banamine and put him in a separate pen where he could still visit with the other horses, but not get kicked again. (Mean gelding was also separated from the rest of the herd.) America (the injured one) moped around for a week or so, but he recovered fully.

I'm sure your girl will recover just fine - it will just take some time.

Ripper 04-24-2012 09:56 AM

Just give her a few days.

Sorry this happened.

mls 04-24-2012 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by dee (Post 1469522)
That vet that called her old at 25 should be shot with rock salt. That's not fair! She has several good years, yet.

Unfortunately some horses are old at 25. Genetics is not fair in that respect.

Her recovery period will depend on what her fitness level was prior to getting hurt. Fit horses recover faster.

The lumps are likely small hematomas. You can hot pack them but they will resolve on their own. If she is moving on her own, you won't need to ensure she is moving. Standing still will only serve to make her more stiff.

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