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DancingArabian 04-23-2012 09:41 PM

Share your thoughts on Calico and Ponderosa and Stidham trailers
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I found a 1 year old Calico trailer for sale for an exceptionally good price. It's a 2010 model that was purchased in June of 2011. I haven't gone to see it yet but I've asked lots of questions, got lots of pictures and am going to set up a viewing this week.

I've now found a 2008 Ponderosa 2h bumper pull step up that is also in an acceptable price range. I can't go view it because it's 6+ hours away. I'm asking for more pics (though it looks to be in great condition) and maybe a video before I commit us to a journey. What about those?

Other than the lack of a tack room (It has space for tack, but it's space in front of the horses so I'd have to build a wall or just suck it up or something). I could buy a trailer with a tack or dressing room, BUUUT at this price point it's going to be a much older model. I only have one horse, won't likely get another, and won't likely ever need to haul 2. The only people I currently ever haul with have their own multi-horse trailers.

Both seem like a nice, economical first time trailer. Are there any negatives to these models? Anything that I should look out for or be wary about?

DancingArabian 04-24-2012 07:16 AM

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A 2010 Calico and a 2008 Ponderosa are on my short list of trailers! I know they're on the economical end of trailers, but I just want something that will let me haul short distances occasionally and safely.

Left Hand Percherons 04-26-2012 12:15 AM

A friend used to own a Calico. Overall,I thought it was a poorly made trailer. Poor welds, rust issues,small stalls,underbuilt frame, under rated tires... I never would let her haul my horses. I would look for an older better quality trailer and it will last 3x longer with less issues.
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MangoRoX87 04-26-2012 10:32 AM

I have a 2001 3 horse slant gooseneck made by Ponderosa. Ours is decent, they should have made the tongue shorter because it puts a crazy amount of pressure on the back tires/axel. And the dividers are a tad bit short for my liking. However, it pulls great, and has held up pretty good. If I could fix anything, it would be the tongue and a way to lock the back tack. I really like ours, there is plenty of air movement when driving during the summer (it had open stock like windows on the front and back), the exterior lights are a life savers at rodeos when I can't see a dang thing, and the front tack area works good for sleeping in and holds everything I need. I wish the saddle rack held my saddle better, they kinda slip off sometimes, but I have seen that happen with even the high dollar saddle racks. And the racks pop out, but with the thin metal they are made of I am scared to do it with my 3 western saddles on it. Overall, decent trailer for the price.

It appears that Ponderosa's are no longer in production, I cannot find a website. They have been going down in quality over the years, so I would DEFFINATELY ask for pictures of the welds on the trailer, the floor joists, etc.

Read about these peoples experience with their ponderosa....
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