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FoxyRoxy1507 07-24-2008 10:18 AM

How I met the love of my life (i mean my horse)
Well I had just sold my previous mare (she was crazy) i had retrained her we just had conflicting additudes, both of us were too dominant and we butted heads too much so after 3 yrs i finally sold her to a girl and they went and did eventing and were happy!

Well not even a week after i had sold my mare my trainer came into the barn and said give me your $500, i said for what she said so i can go get your horse. I was like what are you talking about your going to go get me a horse i've never even seen and not sure if i'm going to like, she said well you've seen him but i'm not going to say where and just hush and give me the money. So being the good little obedient student/asst i am, i gave her my money. well for 4 long hrs i paced the barn back and forth and then finally i see my friends truck and trailer pull up into the driveway and i started getting all excited. as soon as they stopped my trainer got out and i bolted back to the trailer.

now this was a livestock trailer so as i run back there i see theres a bay horse in there, when i opened the door i see this small little horse standing in the corner all shriveled up and about 250lbs underweight, my trainer had walked back there and i looked at her and she said here's your horse. i was suprised.

well we took him out and put him in the stall and you could tell he had been abused so bad that he just stood in the corner and didnt want to be petted, so for the next week i did nothing but spend time with him in his stall or with him in the pasture and fed him and lead him around on walks and finally he started to trust me and bond with i still wasnt sure if i was going to like him bc he wasnt showing any personality but after about 2 weeks of doing this everyday and riding he started to play with me, we developed our own game of tag and everything. then after about a month i asked my trainer where she got him, she said Full Partners Farm, she also said i picked him out. I was a little confused by this, she then preceded to tell me the story. In about Sept we had when to Full Partners with a couple of our horses to do a schooling show and i had gotten off and walked over to my trainer and the owner was showing us some horses, my trainer said pick which one you want to take home and train, so i picked my dressage mare Max.

Then i saw this little bay that was adorable, i said i want that one too, she said no cuz i already picked Max so we didnt get the little gelding. I got Swoop in Dec. so he had been at that place abused for 4 months and he turned into nothing there. well i rescued him. Prob about 2 months after that he colicked when me and my trainer went down to orlando and he got taken to the vet school, they thought he was going to die but he pulled thru and i went and spent the night with him there with his head in my lap, and at that time i had been thinking about selling him. well after that night i guess he realized i was his girl and from then on we have been bonded like you wouldnt believe and he is the love of my life.

not to mention he is def not small ne more, apparently he wasnt done growing when i got him cuz he was only about 15.3h when i got him he is now about 16.2 and is built quite nice. so needless to say that is our story and we have been like two peas in a pod.

sorry if it's too long but i just think that was destiny, and i got him a week before christmas and i do say so myself that was the best present i ever got myself, so merry xmas to me! lol

TaMMa89 07-24-2008 11:49 AM

Wow... What a wonderful story :). It's nice to hear that this little gelding finally got a proper owner.

FoxyRoxy1507 07-24-2008 11:58 AM

yea my trainer said that she found out the lady that had him bought him as a yearling and tried to raise him even though shed never had horses and thought that bc she built a bond with him that he would do whatever she asked, well he didnt, so then when he was two they sent him to be trained for her kids, well when he got back from (training) i use that term very loosely, the kids didnt want to ride ne more so they just threw him in the field for two years with out any human contact.

when i got him the shoes he had on were paper thin and he had white line disease so bad, cuz my farrier said that he thought he'd had the same shoes on his feet for almost a year! so now his front feet arent great but as long as he's shoed every six weeks he's good.

but thank you i love him more than anything, he really is my hero to have seen all the abuse he went threw and everything, the funny thing is that when i took him back to the farm for shows the lady the owned the farm that sold him to me, she had him on consignment, she thought he was a puke, she offered me $25,000 right then and there and i laughed at her! all the girls there said that when he was there he was abused really bad and that he bucked everyone off that tried to ride him, he bolted all the time while you were on him and he ran one girl into a tree and a fence! I laugh to think my cute boy would do something like that, cuz now he's so sweet i even let my 3yr old nephew ride him! but he doesnt like anyone else to ride him except for people who dont know how to ride that i'm teaching as long as i'm there, if someone who knows how to ride and gets on him and tries to boss him around he starts bucking and freaking out. I guess he has chosen me and thats it! lol

Brandon 07-24-2008 12:14 PM

FoxyRoxy I am SOOO happy for you!!!! I hope you and your new horse continue to bond..

IWOOT for happy endings!!!!!!


PoptartShop 07-24-2008 12:17 PM

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That's awesome, nice ending!! :D

FoxyRoxy1507 07-24-2008 12:25 PM

Thanks you guys, i get to boast that now I've had him for 3 whole years. It doesnt seem that long, but then again it seems like i've know him forever bc we know each other so well!

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