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BeachinIt 04-24-2012 09:33 AM

Treating a fungal infection, if that's what it is..
Well, knock on wood, my mare has been pretty healthy since I adopted her. An abscess is the worst we've dealt with. She has always had, since I got her, what may be a fungus on her legs. Maybe two different kinds! On both front pasterns she has a thick scab. Every now and then it gets knocked off and bleeds like crazy and scabs back over quickly. I've tried cleaning it but can't get the scab to soften and come off, and I don't want to pull it off!

She also loses the hair on her lower legs during the summer and has dandruff-y skin. It has never spread, but betadine doesn't seem to help.

The vet will be out soon so ill have her take a look, but I saw athletes foot medicine last night and got to thinking...if it's a fungus, would OTC creams help? Are they safe for horses or am I better off getting something made specifically for horses?
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Jetson 04-24-2012 08:19 PM

I use athletes foot spray, seems to work better than the cream. If your horse does have a fungal problem, scratches, athletes foot spray will heal it quickly. Works better than any horse product I have ever tried. Clean the area, shave the area and apply. But dont wash your horses legs daily, if you can get away with just wiping them down with a dry cloth and then applying the spray it would be better. Moisture is fungus's friend.

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