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J u M p T h E m O o N 04-26-2012 06:45 PM

Getting the horse off the forehand
So I take lessons twice a week on two different lesson horses, and ride my horse 3-5 days a week. I have been having trouble getting lesson horse #1 off the forehand even when she is giving to the bit. How can I fix this problem? With lesson horse #2 On the left lead she is perfect, giving to the bit, completely moving off her hind-quarters. But on the left lead, she won't give to the bit without a huge fight, and when she does is still completely on the forehand and not engaging her hind end at all. Is it just that she is weaker on the right side or what? How can I fix this? With my horse, she is an arab with a U-neck, and I can not possibly get her to give to the bit. She hasn't had much training, in fact is still green when it comes to the training side of things. (Was a green-horse project before I got her) Oddly enough she isn't on the forehand even though her neck is straight up and her nose is pointed out(???) When I ask for her to give to the bit she does but doesn't hold it at all, if I ask at the trot she holds it for about ONE step. How can I get her to stay giving to the bit?Thanks in advance!

Skyseternalangel 04-26-2012 07:15 PM

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She can't hold it because being off the forehand is a looot of work (else every horse wouldn't be on the forehand at all.)

I don't know much but I DO know that you need to help her along by asking her to do exercises that encourage her to be on her hind end.

There isn't a quick fix or a magic button, it just takes training and it takes consistency. She just needs more miles ridden correctly.

As for being a little stiff on the right lead, that's normal. Horses are similar to people in that they work better on one side than the other. Just spend twice as much working in that stiffer direction than you do the other.

My horse used to be a disaster to the right.. now that's his good side (because I prepared him and that is MY good side) and his left lead is all over the place. It just takes time and building up those muscles and retaining muscle memory (what those muscles DID to achieve the desired result.)

Does that make sense?

Hopefully the more educated/experienced riders contribute :)

J u M p T h E m O o N 04-27-2012 08:35 PM

I meant that she can't hold giving to the bit, not off the forehand haha :) Thanks for the help :) Anyone else?

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