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stevec71 04-27-2012 10:57 AM

Tips for transporting your horse safely
If you are planning to buy a horse and also need a vehicle that will transport it safely to local competitions and other events, then there are many horses for sale and horseboxes available. When choosing a horse for sale, you will not only have to make sure that you can provide it with suitable living conditions but also a horsebox that will provide it with plenty of comfort during longer journeys. Here are a few tips for transporting your horse safely.
Avoid driving if your horsebox is not in a suitable condition
Avoid using your horsebox on the road if it is faulty. Make sure that your horsebox has been serviced before you travel. If you are planning to buy a secondhand horsebox, then always take it for a test drive to see how it runs on the road. A faulty horsebox will increase the risk of accidents and breakdowns on the road, so it is vital that you check that your horsebox is in a suitable enough condition for a long journey.
Make sure your horsebox has plenty of ventilation
Your horsebox will need to be well ventilated during longer journeys so that the temperature and humidity levels are suitable for your horse, particularly during warmer weather. Make sure your horses do not become hot during longer journeys and make sure that they do not become dehydrated.
Make sure your horsebox is properly equipped for the journey
If you are planning a long journey, then make sure your horsebox is fully equipped. Make sure that you have all the tack you need and that your horses have fresh hay and water.
Make regular stops during long journeys
When travelling for longer journeys, try to make regular stops. Horses can become stressed and uncomfortable during long journeys, so try to avoid travelling more than 4 hours without a break. Avoid travelling if your horse is ill If your horse is ill, then avoid travelling, as this will not only cause further discomfort to your horse but may also put other horses or animals that come into contact with your horse at risk. Only transport your ill horse if it is necessary or if you are unsure, seek the advice of a vet before you travel.
Give your horse time to rest before travelling long distances
If your horse has just taken part in a competition or other riding event, then avoid travelling straight away afterwards. Give your horse time to rest and recover so that they are in good enough health to travel.
Horsebox insurance
Horsebox insurance will enable you to avoid complications caused by problems such as breakdowns, theft and accidental damage, so considering choosing a policy if you do not already have one. There are many companies that specialise in horsebox insurance so explore what is available to increase your chances of finding a horsebox insurance policy that suits your needs. Also, when searching for horses for sale, you may also wish to consider equine insurance. Many company offer equine and horsebox insurance for owners, whether itís for a new horse that has bought for competitions or for a brand new horsebox to transport your horse safely.

gigem88 04-27-2012 10:59 AM

When I read Horsebox I had thoughts of a cardboard box with a horse in it!! Obviously, I haven't had enough coffee yet!!

Ripper 04-28-2012 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by gigem88 (Post 1475036)
When I read Horsebox I had thoughts of a cardboard box with a horse in it!! Obviously, I haven't had enough coffee yet!!

So did I.

The box was waiting for UPS.....:lol::lol::lol::lol:

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