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MicKey73 04-28-2012 05:16 PM

Critique TB for lower level eventing
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Hey all! Tear yourselves away from Rolex coverage :lol: and critique this guy for eventing up through training level. He is an 8yoa TB gelding, 16'1" who has shown 3' - 3'3" jumpers and BN events. Thanks!

lilruffian 04-28-2012 05:38 PM

Rather nice looking horse, actually.
Nice shoulder and his neck set isnt bad either.
Good depth of girth.
Can't find anything glaringly wrong with his front legs.
Back is a little long.
Hindquarters could use muscle but seem fairly well-rounded.
Back legs are a tad cowhocked but otherwise reasonably conformed. Maybe the tiniest bit sickled, but nothing major enough to warrent any concern ;)

MicKey73 04-29-2012 11:58 AM

Thanks! I was worried about his back a little, but am hoping it could be improved with work. Anyone else? Thoughts?

equiniphile 04-29-2012 12:01 PM

Well, seeing as SJ isn't on for half an hour....;-)

I like him a lot. Depending on his movement, you could probably do some hunter shows on him as well. Nice shoulder, slightly long back, and straight legs....hind end could be a little stronger. Nice length of neck, which ties in pretty well.

soenjer55 04-29-2012 07:18 PM

I can't add more than what has been said, but I'll repeat- he's a very good looking horse. :)

Chopsticks 04-29-2012 08:13 PM

agree the midsection is a bit long, more so on the underside through the barrel than the back so topline work could keep him strong. i think the neck tie in is a tad low for jumping/dressage but sounds like he's performing fine and for lower levels it wouldn't be a problem. handsome boy!

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