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BarrelracingArabian 04-29-2012 11:52 AM

set backs* little frustration rant*
So lately my boy seems to have been doing wonderfully with everything. Well yesterday we had a gymkhana, i figured he's been improving so well lately lets pick up some more speed. Well our first two classes were amazing he was really looking for my ques and sitting and turning digging in really well, then poles came he got a little overly excited so i decided slow canter and he thought otherwise tried to take off so trot it was still somehow managed a high 14( poles 1short pattern). Single stake was next and again i let him pick up some speed and when i sat back asked for him to set up he did but not quit soon enough and we kinda had a china turn haha but still managed an 11 sec run. Well then he had a good rest up some hay and water for about 2 hours till barrels. I didnt get on ti about 15 mins before and he was quit jittery so i just did some slow circles walked him around a bit got him to relax a touch and when it was our turn he did his usually buddy thing but with a good kick he went right in the gate no issues. Well i was jist going to canter it since we recently reversed the pattern but he fu blown took off and when i tried to get him to set up he went half way around the barrel and took off again full speed for the gate. Well finally got him to stop by the lovely one rein technique and then made him finish the pattern at a walk. It was so embarrassing he has never done that with me and i've always prided myself in how good ive got him stopping and after 2 years of trying to untrain bad habits and teach him good ones it seemed to just go down the drain right there im beyond frustrated. I love this horse to death but i fear he just cant handle the stress and energy that barrel racing brings. No i dont need to go back to basics thats all we do at home i work on controlling different speeds stopping backing ground work slow barrel work and even opened him up a few times at home but at a show that hes been to for 3 yrs now i just cant get it right with him.

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