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Flashboy2011 04-29-2012 11:57 AM

Please Help!
My horse is the one in the picture. I will soon be bringing him to my home and I am so happy. I have been looking into fences and I am confused. I need something visible and very low cost. I looked into Poly Coat fence. I heard it is very good and is very visible and low cost. I calculated the cost of the fence and it's not that bad, but the part I am worried about is the Wood fence post and the barn. I need at least a run in, but big enough for 2 horses that I could get my gate on to keep them in. I would like also a single stall/run in. The single stall/run in would be best for me. Please help. I live in Maryland and i need ideas for low cost wood post and barns. If you know of a place Near Frederick please let me know! Thank You
If you have any other ideas, please let me know. Thank you so much

Valentina 05-24-2012 04:01 PM

Best low cost horse fence is:
Non-Climb Horse Fence, 60 in. x 200 ft. - 3601847 | Tractor Supply Company

set on 8 ft (4 inch minimum diameter) wooden posts sunken into the ground at least 3 ft and no further apart than about 10 feet. Horses will tend to "bend over" the top of the fence so run a hot wire on plastic pices (nailed onto top of fence about 6 inches over top fence wire) follow next link to see solar fence charger and steel wire.

Tractor Supply - Search Results for solar hot wire

Also - corners and fences on either sides of a gate need cross bracing (think of two of those 8 ft posts that are larger (say 6 inches in diameter) about 8 ft apart with another 8 ft (4 inch diameter) post in between those 2 posts - but parallel to the ground - like an "H". Then add stronger (non-hot) wire Steel Wire, 12 ga. x 100 ft., Galvanized - 3623116 | Tractor Supply Company
in an "X" shape between the 2 corners posts to keep posts from pulling out of position. We pull fence wire with a tractor to prevent sagging and make it look nice. These "staples" hold the fence and non-hot wire onto the fence posts.
Grip-RiteŽ Hot-Dipped Galvanized Fence Staple, 2 1/2 in. Size, 5 lb. Box, Approximate Count of 130 - 4050374 | Tractor Supply Company

Look for a "Pole Barn" for an inexpensive barn.

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