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newhorsemom 04-30-2012 09:46 AM

I did it!!
Finally. I did it! I towed the trailer WITH a horse inside! My daughter was at a show over the weekend and my husband was at home so it seemed absurd that he drive 45 minutes to the show only to load and drive another 45 minutes home (not to mention gas $$) so I did it myself, freeway and all. I took it pretty slow and probably really irritated some other drivers but I wasn't too concerned with that and it all went really smooth.

Anyway, I just had to share my excitement! I want to do it again even!

iridehorses 04-30-2012 10:08 AM

Congratulations!! My wife isn't a horse person but I did teach her to drive with a loaded trailer attached just in case.

MisssMarie 04-30-2012 10:09 AM

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themacpack 04-30-2012 10:10 AM

Congrats.....had my own maiden voyage myself recently so I totally get the excitement. Way to go!!!

MHFoundation Quarters 04-30-2012 10:10 AM

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gunslinger 04-30-2012 06:03 PM

You go girl! Glad you're having fun.

My wife is actually a better trailer backer than I am.

Darrin 04-30-2012 06:58 PM

Congratulations! I bet it turned out much easier to do then you thought it would be.

newhorsemom 04-30-2012 07:20 PM

It was easier than I expected. I even released my "white knuckled death grip" about 20 minutes into the drive! The anticipation was the killer.

Walkamile 04-30-2012 08:31 PM

Good for you! Now the world is your arena! LOL! Kidding but not really. So many trails ready for you , shows , or whatever is your preference. Keep up the great work!

gunslinger 04-30-2012 08:41 PM

The best thing is it gets easier every time you do it.

Leave yourself plenty of room, and watch for people to pull out in front of you.

Slow is fine. Helps those with road rage learn patience.

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