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BluMagic 07-25-2008 03:36 PM

My Worst Rodeo Ever (Believe it or not; long story short)
Yesterday I went to our annual rodeo. It was the youth day. I was riding Blu double with my friend and he was doing fantastic. Nice and calm with all the other horses around. I was happy.

Well, later in the day he started acting up. Throwing his head, prancing around, etc. A friend from out of town kept asking to ride him and I repeatedly said no. He got on Boo anyways. i told him to stay close to me because Blu was being unpredictable. He didn't. I was standing on the racetrack with my other friends. He rode Blu into the track on the outside of the arena. (arena is inside track)

After awhile, I got paranoid and went to find Blu and my friend, AJ. Out of nowhere Blu takes off with AJ. AJ isn't a rider so he didn't know what to do....even though i told him a million times!!!!! Blu ran at least a quarter mile and went into the street. AJ managed to stop him and get off. I rode Blu back to the track and he took off on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

He would not stop for anything. Thats when I got desperate and started pulling his head to the side for a one rein stop. Nothing. He would almost rear up and do a 180 turn the other way so I was doing some crazy serpentine. He was out of control. He stopped when he hit the track fence, a thick bar to his chest. I almost flew over him.

I decided to walk him home. My friend I came with wanted to stay. She said I would be fine. On the way home Blu continued to get aggitated. Throwing his head, prancing, crowhopping. So I got off. Then he was walking on me and nipping me.

I was so frusterated it brought me to tears. This is by far the WORST Boo has ever acted. I'm not sure what to do. Matt, guy who is helping me, suggested I switch to a dog bone snaffle time with short shanks. I told him I can't count how many bits I've tried but we'll see.

Mom is afraid I am going to get hurt more than emotionally. I'm going to ride at the rodeo again today. Pray for us.....


americancowgurl31391 07-25-2008 03:41 PM

aww im so sorry to hear that. Just dont let anyone get on him tomorrow. Your friend should've listened to you. You know Blu best. Better Luck tomorrow!! Keep us updated!!

BluMagic 07-25-2008 03:42 PM

I meant to post this yesterday. So tomorrow is today. lol. I'm sorry.

This all makes me look like an EXTREMELY horrible rider. It hurt so bad when my Gram told me that Blu might not be completely controlable.

americancowgurl31391 07-25-2008 03:52 PM

Dont worry. It doesnt matter what she says. Its you and blu. Thats weird though how he just did this all of a sudden. When is your rodeo today? And no your not a bad rider!! Stuff happens, we all have our bad days. Good Luck!! Think Positive!!

PoptartShop 07-25-2008 04:00 PM

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You're not a bad rider- Blu is just hard to control...he sounds like he was being a handful! :evil: I know how that can get.
It is odd that like, all of a sudden he acted like that, I have to agree...hmm.

mlkarel2010 07-25-2008 04:15 PM

Aww (((hugs)))

Try working with him one more time and if he's still bad then it would be time to make a decision.

Mercury 07-25-2008 05:03 PM

I'm new here so I don't really know your history, but did you check all of his tack and make sure there wasn't anything under his blanket, or a rub or something that could be hurting him? If this is unusual behavior, I might have a vet come out and check him out if it continues.

Small_Town_Girl 07-25-2008 06:04 PM

*Hugs* I'm glad you're okay! :D

We've all had our bad experiences riding, trust me....
bad experiences scare us and even can embarass us in
front of other people (Oh boy, have I been embarassed :oops: ).
But it is just something we learn from and understand
things like that just happen sometimes... :wink:

I admire you for being brave and going back out to the
rodeo with Blu to try again! Let us know how it goes! 8)

my2geldings 07-25-2008 06:07 PM

A common mistake that is made by most riders is to overbit your horse when he start acting up. The fact that a new rider was on him might have been the issue. What the fellow on his mouth during that time he was on?

You would be surprised to see how severe even the simple snaffles can be. See if maybe you can get your hands on the following book. It will give you a totally new perspective as to how you see your horse.,92_A-Whole-Bit-Better.html

If he's behavior was really unusual compared to how he normally is, it would tell me something was going on. Something changed that afternoon.
He might have suddenly been sore somewhere, he might have been in pain. His agitation, and taking off might have been him trying to tell you something was up. Even his behavior with you later that day.

Horses are naturally not mean. If there is a sudden behavior change, that means there was a sudden change on his end of things.

How is he now? getting a vet to come out to check him out might be a good idea, re-assessing his tack. A different or stronger bit is not what he needs. Something else is going on.

SonnyWimps 07-25-2008 09:26 PM

I agree with M2G. I'd get a vet out...if Blu isn't usually anything like that there possibly is something wrong with him.
Don't overbit the won't fix the problem at all, and could make him hard mouthed...which u don't want.

I'm glad you are alright and didn't get hurt. I'd definately be frightened to tears.
Bad days happen to all riders, and we get scared out of our's only natural. Even the most well-mannered horse will bolt, or rear, or whatever...why? because they are animals and sometimes that's their way of telling us something is wrong with them. It's our job as their owners to figure out what that rear meant or waht that buck meant.

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