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Lexiie 05-01-2012 07:50 PM

Canter training a gaited horse
So my 9yo Standardbred mare was taught to canter, but it seems like she needs to be re-taught.
We've been working on perfecting the trot, and getting her balance back.

We can walk, trot, both working and collected, just fine, but our canter is.. er.. "messy" :?

She can gallop and keep up with an OTTB, but cantering slow is a no go.

We can canter, but it's fairly fast, not running, but no where near collected.
I can collect her, but she trips up and then crosscanters, kind of. it's more breaking from the canter to the rack and then tripping.

Collecting at the canter is pretty new to us.
Its more in one direction, it's our good direction at the trot.
I've dried in our earth arena, out woodchip indoor arena, and the neighbor's sand arena, it's fine until I try to collect and slow her

I have access to a round pen, I also have side reins.

Should I let her get used to cantering again?
Should I roundpen and lunge with side reins?


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