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showmom01 05-02-2012 05:25 AM

Finding the Right Trainer for show support
Can anyone give me advise on how to find a world class trainer for a Youth. Seems I am tied in by breed and there just aren't many in my area. Our Current Trainer doesn't normally work with Youth and we have been sticking it out for over a year and much to my dismay, he has pawned her off to his exercise girl/assistant to work with. The trainer has only pulled her to 3 shows. I have had the pleasure of hauling her myself and cant get any help because we are technically his clients. in spite of all this, my daughter has qualified to go to world and I cant seem to get on the same page with the trainer. He informed me today that he just doesn't have time to work with her, hes too busy with his Jr horses and his Amateurs. I don't want to take her by myself. So can anyone give me any advise on how to find a really good trainer that can work with my daughter and make sure she is a tough competitor.
Thanks for your help.

oh vair oh 05-02-2012 12:56 PM

Usually on every breed website there is a trainer directory you can look up for free. In that directory it will have the names and numbers of trainers, their location, and what they specialize in. You could definitely look up a youth trainer from there, or ask around what trainers in your area will take you on. My advice would be to call up one of the big bucks people in your area and see if they have any openings. Most of them will work with youth because the youth clients and horses make a lot of money for them, and generally do very well at the shows.

Or you can go by yourself like I do, lol. What do you show in? I'm APHA/PtHA.

GottaRide 05-02-2012 02:42 PM

What breed are you focused on? What state are you in? How far are you willing to travel?

The national association websites are a first place to start. The state clubs are another good place to start.

Your signature line says that you are in the midwest. I know a lot of good trainers APHA and AQHA that have other youth clients that are located in the midwest. Seek out references from other competitors.

showmom01 05-04-2012 07:03 AM

Looking for Youth Trainer
Thanks so much for the suggestion of checking with the directory,but I've already perused it. I'm looking for a APHA trainer in either Illinoise Missouri Iowa orKansas. The Trainer I'm with is one of the Best in the industry with multiple World Championship. I've checked with 3 others of similar qualifications, who I know haul Youth,and they are already full up for the season. I'm stuck because I'm too new to this and don't know too many people, Most of the people who I do know don't go national and they only show in their state breed shows. Please anyone have any ideas! I just can't believe that there are no trainers that would want to take on a walk trotter with long term goals and large aspirations, who's parents are fully supportive even at this short of notice. I'm so not wanting to tell my daughter she can't go after all her hard work. Thanks for any suggestions - ps distance is a non issue if we can find the right trainer for her for the duration, I'm willing to travel where ever I have to.

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