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CLaPorte432 05-02-2012 03:18 PM

Is she worth it?
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Sire: Frenchmans Gem Quarter Horse
Dam's Sire: Sucha Smoothie Quarter Horse

I forgot who her dam is, I'll have to get it at a later time...

Anyways, A friend of mine has been offered a 4 year old filly in exchange for a foal out of her mare. I have been offered part ownership in this filly in exchange for training. I'm already going to help train the filly because I love working with horses, so the ownership is just an added bonus...They are super nice people.

Problem is, this 4 year old filly hasn't been worked with since she was a yearling, and even then, it was minimal. We went to see her yesterday, and she seems to have a sweet disposition. Calm, gentle demeanor, just shy and unsure. Well, that can be overcome fairly quickly. She has a nice pedigree.

We are barrel racers, so having a filly with the Frenchman line is an asset. She's little, I bet only 14 hands. Her sire, they said is an even 15 hands. I couldn't get close enough to him to compare, but I honestly don't think he was 15. Maybe 14.2-14.3. Height isn't a big deal to me though. I'm only 5'2" and prefer a shorter horse.

She's a pretty girl. Apparently last week, one of the dogs that they have was chasing her and got ahold of her back leg. With her being untouched in so long, they weren't able to doctor her so she's healing on her own. We watched her with a very critical eye and she is not limping what-so-ever. Isn't favoring her leg. It's swollen still but I don't know if it's due to scarring or actual edema.

She could use a good 75 pounds on her, and muscle toning/building. Once she's getting worked with though, she'll look much better.

My friend has already decided to take her and will be getting her sometime next week. The vet will be out to sedate her then check her over, look at her leg, her teeth and whatever else. The farrier will also be there to trim her feet. Her feet have actually wore down well considering they haven't been touched in so long.

I believe we can do good things for this mare. Unfortunately, her sire is stuck there. :-( Gorgeous horse, with dreadlocks. They have owned him for 9 years and I doubt they've ever brushed his mane. The stallion has a nice personality to him, I never once heard him talking to any of the mares he was next to. Very quite. Super nice boy, but just in the wrong hands. It's unfortunate.

Attached are pictures. I'm more concerned about her leg...

Also, She doesn't have paint blood in her, but I believe she may be a splash carrier. Look at the white on her face that drips off of her and along the side of her muzzle.

Country Woman 05-02-2012 03:24 PM

she looks a little like my friends horse Hunter

CurlyIsASpecialStandie 05-02-2012 06:56 PM

She is very cute, her leg looks scarred but you will know for sure once you can handle it. Her stud is also gorgeous, it's sad that he isn't loved and cared for!
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