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Haileyyy 05-02-2012 09:53 PM

Natural hackamores?
I don't really like to ride with Mechanical hackamores. I prefer a rope halter when just riding around in the yard, but this summer I plan on going on a lot of trail rides on busier trails. Also, I am constantly getting kicked off of Skip because family and friends, who don't know much about riding, ride him and I would rather have something a little less harsh than his 5" shank mechanical hackamore, but a little stronger than a rope halter.

I would love to get a "natural hackamore" but there are just soo many out there. I really like the way bosals look, the mecate would be pretty nice to have on trails so I don't have to switch out his bridle and halter. The bitless bridle Halters on yknotropetack look cool, but I don't know how well it would work because he neck reins. How well do side pulls work?

I really am not too well versed in the world of hackamores, so if someone who is could help me out that would be great. :)

Poseidon 05-04-2012 03:26 AM

This is my sidepull. It is essentially the noseband of a rope halter with knots attached to a bridle with a curb strap, but fancier looking.

I love it. My mare just hates bits and her previous owner just rode her in one of those rope halters with rings bridles. I didn't like it because it was old and stretched out. Luckily, I found these. My mare neck reins, so I'm rarely touching her face unless she's being a mare and forgets that she's a trained animal. :lol:

I would give you the name of the woman who made it for me, but after such poor customer service, I believe she has stopped making anything. But here is pretty much the same thing: Side Pull Rope Hackamore Bitless Bridle Attachment | eBay These just don't have the zigzagging over the top.

Haileyyy 05-05-2012 11:01 AM

Your mare is stunning! :)

I like the way your sidepull looks, I will definitely look into one. I am partial to mecates though, because of the 'lead rope' but side pulls look nice too

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