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Ladybug2001 05-02-2012 10:23 PM

Seeking part-time/full-time job.
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Im sure you all here this a lot the closer summer gets, but here it is again. I'm being slightly picky in the sense I don't want a job inside, I'd much rather be in a barn. I've been searching every where for a job, but no luck so far. I currently am attending a secondary school in Equne Science, almost done in my first year. (Two year school.) I have plenty of experience mucking out stalls and cleaning barns. Halter breaking weanlings and yearlings, started never being touched and got them to lead, trot on command, pivot, sidepass, round pen, hot walker, and little odd things like getting used to being bathed and groomed, legs being picked up and so on. Also been introduced to breeding, making od the AV, handling the stallion during collection, handling the tease stud. Also been doing in-hand trail class and a showmanship (won the showmanship today actually), a few months ago we did judging and I got the high-point judging there. I've never thought I was good at much, but when horses are involved it clicks easily.

I'm located in Tuttle, Oklahoma and I have a limit of a 30-40 mile radius I can go. If you have any idea of where to look or no someone that needs a little help I'm all ears.

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