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Fellpony 05-03-2012 04:04 PM

Helpful Ideas needed.....
About 3 weeks ago I took two friends to a pony breeder to look at her stock with view to buying a couple of youngsters. They ended up buying three in total.Two, three year old fillies and one two year old gelding. And They were delivered 3 weeks ago.

They are now liveried at the same farm I keep my ponies on :) Two of the ponies have settle in well and started making friends but one of the three year old fillies keeps jumping the fences, to the different paddocks and groups of ponies.

This behaviour is starting to worry me as all our fencing is only woooden post and electric rope. if she knocks the fencing when she is jumping she is going to either let herself onto a main road or let the other ponies out on the road. In three weeks she has jumped about fiffty times so far.

My friend is now thinking of selling her. But I feel this filly deserves a chance to settle but I dont know how to make this happen or how to help her. She is currently in one of my paddocks with my two fell ponies and a semi retired shetland mare.

One thing I forgot to mention is our farm fattens about 4000 pigs every two months so there is a lot of squealing from the pigs near this fillies paddock, but it doesnt worry the rest of the ponies even two of the new ones have settled. It is just upsetting this little filly.

Helpful Ideas or suggestions wanted please :)

caseymyhorserocks 05-04-2012 12:40 AM

Move the filly away from the pigs? In the farthest paddock maybe? Or have her moved to a different stable with no pigs.

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