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Wallaby 05-03-2012 10:44 PM

Lacey says hi!
I haven't posted a picture thread in more than a week *le gasp*! 0.o what is happening?

Actually, I just got busy with school and nothing interesting has been going on Lacey-wise. Psh, what am I saying, Lacey is ALWAYS interesting! Lol!!

Anyway, she's doing SO MUCH better now than she was after the whole eye episode. I think, somehow, she knows that I'm rooting for her and there to comfort her because she's been being a lot more lovey and demonstrative to me on a regular basis, which isn't her usual "thing".

I've started really riding her again as well and she's loving that. She wasn't too happy the first ride but she got over that and now she's being really forward, yet responsive, and very perky about going anywhere.

I got her a new light blanket (my favorite Joules, by Weatherbeeta! I've always wanted one and someone was selling a practically new one for $40 on a FB tack swap! O.o), and she got some SMBs ($50 for 4 on the same tack swap! What?! lol) so you know, that's all pretty great. She hasn't had all 4 SMBs on yet, she still has a bit of mud fever on her back legs that's about a second away from being gone so I'm waiting for that to be gone before I put the back ones on.
There will also 100% be a video involved with the first time all 4 SMBs go on. From the way she acts with the front ones, I think she may have never/very rarely had any sort of leg wraps on. She lifts her legs SO high with the fronts on, it's the funniest in the world. All four is going to be priceless.

Also, funny story!! Last night, it unexpectedly started POURING rain so I hurried out to put Lacey's blanket on (if it raining, she'll just huddle in her shelter until the rain stops. Since she's old, I want her moving and rain - blanket =/= moving).
I get up there, get her blanket on (she was thrilled), and start walking off. Then I hear this weird cross between a hoarse horse neighing and a chicken clucking..... So I start thinking "there's another horse up here? What??!"
Then, I spot, in the field next to Lacey's a herd of 5 deer. At that point, Lacey and the llamas come running out around the shed, spread out in the field, and all STARE at the deer.
Lacey starts creeping towards the deer and the white llama starts making the noise [apparently an alarm call...?]! Then, Lacey starts trotting towards the deer and the llamas are running along next to her! They get up the fence separating them from the deer, Lacey's doing the "Arab Snort", the white llama is making this freakish noise, and the brown llama is just looking all majestic.

Then the deer ran away.

You would have thought, from the way they all acted, that the deer had concealed AK-47s and were about to break into their "fortress". What dorks.
I had a good laugh watching Lacey take cues from the llamas and the llamas take cues from Lacey. It was like they were legitimately a herd of the same species. Tooo funny.

Anyway, pictures!

A week (?) ago:


The "ladies".
Alternatively, "Llacey".
[see what I did there? Double "L" Lacey? So punny.]

"What's down there??"

Got sweaty, received bath, was not very pleased.

Majestic poneh! Lookit that forelock, someone has got it going ON! Dang, gurl!

(also, cutest Lacey blanket in the wooooorrrrrlllldddd!!)


"Hope you don't mind, I just need to sample this TREE BRANCH right now"

Feigning innocence...

"We ride? Soon...?"

Classy old lady is classy.


Hope you enjoyed! :)

HorseLovinLady 05-03-2012 11:02 PM

Love the pics!! Lacey is beautiful as always!

Skyseternalangel 05-03-2012 11:19 PM

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She's soo cute :) I love her expressions and glad she's doing much better, hooray!!

I love FB Tack swap! I've been eyeing an 84" green blue cooler.. those are Sky's colours and size...

tinyliny 05-03-2012 11:32 PM

Lacey looks really good. not too fat, not too thin. How DO you do it?

VT Trail Trotters 05-03-2012 11:47 PM

Very cute horse, loved the pics!

Wallaby 05-04-2012 12:12 AM

Thank HLL! :)

I'm really glad she's doing better too, Sky! I was really worried about her for a bit, like "is this the thing that finally makes her 'old'??". I'm so happy that she has apparently kicked age in the face, again. :lol:
Also, Sky needs a cooler in his colors, don't you know? :P

Thanks Tiny! I'm not sure what the "key" is right now. Usually she's such a fatty by this point in the spring! :lol:
I think the eye thing might have "helped" keep her slim though. She lost a bit of weight while that happened and just hasn't really gained it back. Hopefully she won't gain it back because I've increased her rides from about 4 miles round trip to 6 miles round trip and I'm not feeding her really any hay anymore, her ration balancer and pasture grass is enough!
I'm hoping to ride her in a parade next fall (it takes place super close to our house, I could totally ride her down to it) and I want to go on a few "as long as possible" rides this summer so I'm trying to get her body ready for that. :D

Thanks VTTT! :)

Annanoel 05-04-2012 01:40 AM

Which one have you been on Wallaby? I've heard there's a few good ones and a few to stay away from..

New_image 05-04-2012 12:34 PM

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Your trails look very inviting!

Lockwood 05-04-2012 01:29 PM

Yes, what you heard is the llama alarm call.
Nuthin’ like it anywhere else in the animal kingdom that’s for sure.
Could be a 4lb housecat or a 4000lb monster, the call is the same and something that will wake the dead if need be.

So glad to hear gritty girl has her spunk back. I swear, some horses are just like cats with the nine lives and I think a good look into her pedigree will reveal the feline influence.
Oh it’s there, I’m sure of it…… just that it somehow got “white-out” smeared over top of it.

So, does the new lovey Lacey let you smush up her face while you give her slobbery kisses? My boy still won't let me as he deems it too undignified.

Love the pics (homesick again) especially the Dogwood flower going down the hatch. I really like her bug/bubble eyed fly mask. I need one for my guy who is having mask fit issues due to his part cob/part not cob head shape. Do you remember where you bought it from or ordered it from?

tinyliny 05-04-2012 01:53 PM

my barn bud's arab, the one that looks so much like Lacey, has finally been retired. she had a fetlock injury , about 10 years ago, that has now crept up on her more than can be ignored. At the time, the vet thought she would never be more than a pasture pet, and that's why my friend decided to breed her. But, she recovered and gave 10 more years (age 27) of super duper riding, birthed a very nice arab son and is now living in horse heaven on pasture with her buddy and waiting at the fence daily for "mom" to bring the grain can. I wish you could see her , you'd be amazed at how much like Lacey she looks. i"ll try to take a photo.

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