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stevec71 05-04-2012 08:12 AM

The advantages of owning a horsebox
If you need to transport your horses to a local competition or to an event further away, then a horsebox is the perfect solution.

There are many horseboxes for sale, so you can easily explore what is available and select something that suits your needs and budget.
Here are some advantages of owning a horsebox.

Independence. A horsebox provides plenty of independence as you can easily transport your horses to your desired destination, whether it is locally or further out. If you own a horsebox, then you do not have to rely on anyone else to transport your horses.

Convenience. The many horseboxes available means that you can now select a model that offers many advanced features, such as luxurious living areas and well equipped kitchens. This makes a horsebox a perfect choice for those looking for something that is suitable for longer journeys. Brand new, feature-packed horseboxes tend to be expensive, but there are plenty of smaller horseboxes and trailers available for those on a budget.

Provides your horses with comfort. The many features offered by horseboxes means that not only you are provided with a comfortable journey but also your horses. Many horseboxes offer a spacious area for your horses to provide them with extra comfort during longer journeys.

There are second-hand models available. Those that are on a budget can easily opt for a second-hand horsebox. There are many affordable second-hand horseboxes available that are in good condition. Exploring what is available will increase your chances of locating a second-hand horsebox that is right for you.

You can rent your horsebox out. Once you have a horsebox, you can consider hiring it out during the periods when you are not using it as much. There are horsebox hire companies and equine insurance companies that will offer advice on horsebox rental.

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