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HannahC 05-05-2012 01:56 AM

Breast Collars for Gaited Horses-Straight Across?

I recently purchased my very first gaited horse. He moves beautifully and is wonderfully naturally gaited.

When I bought him, the owner asked me if I rode with a breast collar. When I said that I did, she suggested that one that goes between his front legs may affect his action and movements. She showed me the one that she uses- it just goes straight across the chest- no strap connecting it to the girth.

I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of these? Or maybe knows what they are called? I would like to look into purchasing one, but I am having no luck finding one because I don't know what they're called.

Lockwood 05-05-2012 11:26 AM

I think they are called a breast girth.
I've never heard of the breast plate interfering with gait action, but I do know that you have to be careful using a plain breast girth because of it's placement.
Have seen them listed on places like, Stateline tack, Dover saddlery, and places that have a good selection of english items.

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