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Ne0n Zero 05-06-2012 10:30 AM

So.. I found out in November that I am pregnant. I was very happy! Except.. then I realized that this meant almost 9 months of no riding @___@

I did ride throughout the first trimester here and there but seeing as I am 6 months along now (even though my baby belly is still super tiny) I'm not risking riding. Doesn't stop me from going out to see him and doing groundwork here and there though!

Anyways. I am having major withdrawals from riding and every time my back hurts I just think "MAN I wish I could get on and ride for an hour" because that usually helps alleviate the back pain.

I've been glued to this forum lately because it helps feed my horse (or lack thereof) addiction. I'm also really worried that after the baby is born I will barely have time to go see Beau, but I have a ton of people lined up who can babysit for me so I know I'll make it work somehow.

So anyways. Anyone care to share their stories about being pregnant and owning a horse/horses? I'd be very interested to read!

yadlim 05-06-2012 12:08 PM

Yeah, when I got preggo I had two horses in training, plus my endruance horse, plus two others to ride. I rode until I was five months along, then I almost had a wreck! It completly cured me of wanting to ride until after the baby was born.

After the baby is born, make sure that your system is ready for it before you start to ride again. A week after my daughter was born, apparently my system was a bit low on calcium. I handed off the baby to hubby and went to jump up on my mare bareback, when my torso hit her back, I broke a rib! I was so embarased that I didn't tell anyone for days - but a did have a great ride - if you call hanging on for dear life as my endurance horse who hadn't been ridden in months took me for a five hour gallop.

Babies might be a pain in the rear, being preggo sucks, they get in the way, but they are so much fun! And when they get older (about five) you get to have them go out with you! And that is worth all the inconviences that happen now. And when at 8 they start deciding that you are taking too long to get your horse ready and head off down the trail without you, your smile will rip half your head off.

yadlim 05-06-2012 12:14 PM

Oh, and while you are preggo, make someoneelse hold horses for the vet. While hubby was deployed, his horse ripped open his leg and I was out there at eight months along holding a scard hurt horse for the vet to put emergency stitches in. Well, the vet scared the horse, who ran me over. He did his best not to hurt me, but I tore a groin muscle - which didn't get a chance to heal until AFTER the baby was born!

My suggestions, lots and lots of grooming. You can also pick up a book on clicker training and teach your horse to so some weird stuff - like play fetch. That might slow down the cravings, and it is a great conversation starter, out there playing fetch with your horse!

Ne0n Zero 05-08-2012 03:34 PM

Yeah grooming and light groundwork is what I was planning on/have been doing. :)

Also, just found out today from my OB/GYN that I AM ALLOWED TO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR while pregnant!! I am so beyond ecstatic I can't even put it into words.. Old riding injury + pregnancy = ridiculous amounts of back pain. But as long as I let them know I am pregnant and have someone that is experienced.. I got the go-ahead :D

tinyliny 05-08-2012 03:45 PM

I had the babies long before getting into horses, but one comment on the body AFTER birth. Your body releases hormones that make the ligaments in your joints loosen. this is to help your pelvis open when the baby comes through. it's a very tight fit.
the hormones' effect will last a while even after baby is born, so be aware. I would do work at the gym and such before getting back on horse.

IquitosARG10 05-08-2012 07:21 PM

I rode up until I was 8 mos. I entered my first show at 5 mos :) Let me tell ya, picking a horse's feet with a belly stickin out is NOT easy, haha.
I got back on a horse about 6 weeks after I gave birth and it felt super weird.
As far making time for my horse it is definitely a balancing act. Luckily I hvae parents who love to babysit and horsey friends who watch her at the barn while I ride :) I would also recommend getting a baby bjorn. I carried my daughter around in one of those all the time so I could at least go visit my horse and groom him.

Ne0n Zero 05-09-2012 08:06 PM

Oooo thanks Tiny good to know n_n

JanetsPaintedRayne 05-10-2012 11:08 AM

I wasn't a lucky one I had to have a c-section. I know I won't be much help :-(. I hope everything goes well.
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GreySorrel 05-15-2012 12:07 PM

If your use to working with your horses, there is nothing wrong with holding your horse while pregnant, just be mindful of what your doing and what the horse is doing. When I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now 25 years old, I rode up until it became uncomfortable, my dad's Saddlebred was very good about where he stepped and how he moved, a lovely horse. I also held the horses if we had a farrier or vet visit, I trusted my horses and could read them well.

It is also excellent to get some exercise when your pregnant, the more weight you carry the harder it is to deliver. Walking is good, not carrying 50lbs of grain or big hay bales, be wise and get your husband to do that for you.

When I had a hysterectomy I rode about 5 weeks after surgery. I was careful, I kept Terry at a walk and he was good too and patient with me. It is all if you trust your horse and can read their body and cues. Your pregnant, not disabled. Just be careful and mindful of your condition and think and be wise.

Ne0n Zero 05-15-2012 12:24 PM

The last time or two that I was out at the barn and saw Beau, we did some short groundwork sessions about regaining his respect/not invading my personal space or dragging me around. I didn't have any issues with him though and it only took a few minor corrections to get him behaving again. :)

So now that that's been accomplished, yeah, I haven't had any issues whatsoever being around him. I have never once felt unsafe around him and I trust him not to act like an idiot.

I really want to just hop on and walk around on him for a bit. This not riding thing is killing my back - I have an old injury that the pregnancy is aggravating, and walking on Beau has always helped to alleviate the pain. I'm still pretty small and haven't had any loss of balance so far either. I wouldn't do any trotting or anything more strenuous than a walk though. That's all that sounds appealing right now anyways.

If I did that, I'd throw my saddle on him just to be safe; even though I primarily ride bareback, on the off chance my balance is wonky, I'd like stirrups for the extra safety measure. :)

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