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CLaPorte432 05-06-2012 08:52 PM

This past weekend's shows...
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I have shows both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. I didn't feel very good and it definitely showed in my riding, but I didn't want to miss the shows. I think I have a touch of the flu bug because I've felt queasy for the past 2 days. At first I chalked it up to nerves, but I've been constantly feeling like I have low blood sugar, which is untrue. Queasy and slightly dizzy sometimes. Anyways...

Saturday's show went like this...
Kegs (Bending/Cones) ... Disqualifed because we hit on. But we ran a 15.489 which is 2 seconds faster then last show. We would have taken 1st.

Poles ... I hit one. The same darn pole that I ALWAYS hit. We ran a 23.2.

Speed And Action ... Well, I'll just let this video explain to you how well THAT went...
May2012 012 - YouTube

Barrels ... We came in 2nd with a 20.445, fastest time was a 19.8...Soooo close.

Down and Back ... 3rd with a 9.5

Flags ... We would have had first. We ran a 9.7. And it was CLEAN. So, I got disqualified! :shock: Why? Well, I was having trouble getting Avalanche to set up for patterns on the left side of the arena. Gate is on the right side. But conveniently there is a gate on the left side of the arena. So, I asked permission if I could use that gate. Well, they disqualified me for using that gate. I was like WHAT THE ****!!! Oh No! Everyone was in shock that I got DQ'd, there like what'd you do? I don't know! So I found out. And everyone raised a ruckus about it and they are like "she knows the rules, blah, blah, blah" Well, don't tell me I can do something and then disqualify me for it! A no is a no. If I had been told no, I would not have done it. But I was told yes. And, I said, SHOW ME THE RULE THAT STATES I CANNOT USE THAT GATE TO GO INTO!?!?!? Well, there is NO rule saying you can, or cannot use that gate to get into the arena. They lied! There is a rulebook right there and they couldn't find a darn thing. Then they said "Well, we'll have to have a meeting about it and get it in black and white whether it can be used or not" So, by the end of this big discussion, they were going to give me my EARNED 1st place, but, guess what. Since they disqualified me, they didn't write down my time! OMG! :shock: So, in the end, I got nothing.

I knew this place would have a target on me because of the mare that I'd using for the summer. It's ALL about politics there. If they don't like you, they'll try to push you out. How fun is that, right? Well, they don't like me because the mare I'm riding has been High-Point winner every time she's run there and Grand Champion and has made it to State etc. Multiple "big wigs" there have tried to purchase her, and the owner won't sell. Many have tried to lease her, but they won't lease her. Except to me, and I feel so honored that they have. It really means a lot to me, especially when her owner says she'll reach another level with me that she's never reached with him, and that I ride her better then anyone, including him, ever has. It's very humbling.

Sunday (Today's) Show went a little better.

Poles ... 2nd with a 24.506, but, we ran clean! And she dived at that darn 3rd pole again and I was able to pull her off. She did so good for me.

Speed and Action ... Would have had first with a 9.918 but I hit the top keg. But, I stayed on and all was well with me keeping my balance.

Barrels ... We had 20 and over barrels and 3D barrels. In 20 and Over, I couldn't get Avalanche over far enough to get a good set up. Like I said, the gate is on the right side of the arena, and she fights me tooth and nail because she wants to go NOW. So I came into the 1st barrel (left side) at a bad angle and we knocked it over. I pulled her up and she was NOT happy about it. We pranced the rest of the pattern and I completely exaggerated her turns. Like, 6 feet away from the barrels on 2 and 3. And we pranced home. She was not happy at all. But I proved my point. You hit something, and you don't get to run.

3D barrels went better. I had my mom lead me in and get us set up good and we had a beautiful pattern. We ran a 20.40. Every turn was wonderful. She slowed up before the timer and we added probably a second or so onto our time. I remember rounding the 3rd barrel and seeing the clock at 14 seconds which is like...WHOA.

Flags was next. We took 2nd place with a 9.8. Just by 10's of a second did we get beat.

Keyhole was next. I've never been a fan of keyhole but Avalanche completely rocks at it. The fastest time was a 9.7 when I went into the arena. (I of course, was last) We totally blew everyone out of the water with a 8.3!!! She slide into the neck, we did a full rollback and flew out. :shock: It was awesome! I believe we have the 2012 record for this arena for that. (I also have the record for speed and action so far this year from the first show of 9.9something) Way cool.

Last was down and back and we placed 5th with a 9.2. Fastest time was 9.0 so we were right there. It was super close. We did get hung up at the barrel a little so that played into it for us.

Today's show went better then yesterdays. Today was a money show. $41 in entry fees and I came out with $55. It was a pretty small show so I'm happy with the outcome.

I have a lot of improving to do to give Avalanche justice. You have to be at 100% to even be able to stay on this mare, and you have to do even better to get the most out of her. I feel like I've failed her at these 2 shows. I have a lot of work to do because this girl deserves a rider that can keep up with her and do her justice. Even though we are placing decently, she deserves more.

I almost didn't go today because of not feeling well. But after the fact, I'm glad I did. Now I'm off to bed and crossing my fingers I wake up without a tummyache tomorrow. :-(

Blaze 05-07-2012 09:00 PM

wow, you did good! I had a show this sat/sun too and my girl has improved a ton on barrels and poles. Speed and action is her thing, though... we always place in that. This was our second show of the season and she was so excited to run she started bucking when we were running. lol but we still placed.

I'm pretty happy we didn't knock any barrels this weekend! We did hit a pole though, but she's not really good at that... and we DQ'd in poles on Sun because we accidentally made a wide turn and tripped the timer again. lol

Well, good job. I can't wait for the next show, we have a lot to do and I can't wait to get out and ride! She got the day off but tomorrow is a working day.

Northernstar 05-07-2012 09:06 PM

Very impressive weekend, ClaPorte! Doubtful I could ride like that on my best day! Hope you are feeling better :)

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