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First time horse owner 03-21-2007 08:05 PM

What breed of horsse would be good carrying alot of weight??
I was just wondering if anyone knew what breed or cross breeds of horse would be good at carrying alot of weight... over 300 lbs . The horse would be used for trails and camping .

3days3ways 03-21-2007 08:39 PM

definetly a bigger horse... maybe one with a little bit of draft in them even, and qh's are known for being sturdy... but im definetly not sure

Horse_love999 03-21-2007 09:20 PM

draft, clydstales.


Friesian Mirror 03-21-2007 09:35 PM

Drafts would be good, or a Draft cross.

kristy 03-22-2007 02:30 AM

All horses should be assigned a maximum weight limit depending on the horses height. I cut off at 250lbs. Any more can be damaging, uncomfortable and painful. If a 300 pound person were to ride, I would def. suggest a purebred draft.

prettypalfrey 03-22-2007 09:03 AM

Percherons as well maybe a shire it is very hard on the horse though. I would be careful and not ride for long periods of time.

meggymoo 03-22-2007 09:06 AM

I'd agree with everyone too. Definatley a stocky, sturdy breed, like clydesdale, shire etc Or atleast a horse crossed with these breeds.

tumai 03-23-2007 05:17 PM

Am I right in believing that 300lbs converts to about 130kilograms?
If so then most bigger farmers that I know of around here that ride, to look at sit like a sack of potatoes but you see these guys on the hills and man that horse behaves like he's carrying a jockey. These are big strong men that know how balance on a horse and I don't think I have seen anyone type of horse stand out other than being heavily crossed.
If you want to ride...get fit and learn from someone who can show you an independent seat. Yes you do need a bigger horse but I personally have found the heavier breeds cumbersom in the hills..but that depends on the terrain you intend to ride on.
If you want to ride GO FOR IT! just be safe to yourself and kind to your mount. :D

anni257 03-23-2007 06:10 PM

Carthorses are not made for carrying so much weight. There were breeded for pulling trees etc. and the constuction of their ridge is not half that strong than one might think.
They are "weaker weight carriers" than most people think.
As kristy said, heavy overweight isn't healthy for any horse at all (think of kissing spines and so on).
Warmbloods might be the better choice. If you coose a really large warmblood or maybe a warmblood-Carthorse-Mix, the chances are better. warmbloods are being breeded for the use of riding, therefore their ridge-constuction ist a bit stronger- even today.
A "heavy warmblood" seems to be better than a "light carthorse"...

See here for example: (hope, it is allowed to use this picture from:)

equichick 03-24-2007 03:09 PM

i own a full shire and although they are bred for pulling, the shire and clydsdale are interbred and so are one breed, i use my shire for riding and he is just as good at doing that as he is at pulling, if you want a draft horse to be carrying that sort of a weight they need to be built up to carrying it and not just have that weight put on there back, just as if you were training a trail horse or an eventer for a big 3 day event they need to have the stamina for the job

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