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SunnyBlack 05-07-2012 06:47 PM

Friesian riding, training, and troubleshooting thread
Hey guys, being the major fan of Friesian's I am, I wanted to make a solid resource thread where my fellow friesian lovers can exchange feedback and advice on owning, working, or experiencing this wonderful breed in any way. I personally love to hear peoples experiences with Friesian and Friesian crosses, as I think they are the perfect breed of horse, in beauty, attitude, and work ethic. Plus they are an absolute dream to own.

For this thread I thought we could post riding, training (Keuring, Conditioning or otherwise), management (Handling, Health/Welfare or otherwise), or general questions using a categorizing format.



For example if I want to give an introduction about myself I would type:


Hi, my names SunnyBlack online, but you can call me "Sunny" if you'd like. I own a 3 yr old Friesian stud, "Spider," who's going to his first stallion testing during keurings this fall. He's an absolute pleasure to own and a true gentlemanly stallion of excellent quality and temperament. I bought him at 4 months old, received him at 6 months, and immediately went into training where he has been up-to today. He's by Sipke 450 and out of a Sjaard 320 "Full Papper" Star mare.

We work on Dressage mostly (classical methods), but my future goals are to branch out into Driving, and maybe Saddle Seat as I've always wanted to compete in that.

Anybody else? I'd love to meet some of my fellow Friesian people, as there's not many of us on Horse Forum.

KireiElayson 05-09-2012 12:14 AM

Hi Sunny. I too am a Friesian owner. I just joined so I could join this thread. I am always looking for more information about all the issues you posted! I own 3 Friesians: a 7 year old mare, a 3 year old gelding and a yearling stud colt.

My mare is more of the baroque type. She was my ultimate dream horse. I waited all my life for her. She is sweet and kind. She has incredible movement, but is not the most comfortable ride at all! She has a pretty steep shoulder. I trailride her (Western) mostly, although we do dressage lessons together (not really her forte). I do plan on training her to cart soon.

My 3-year old gelding just got his first saddle fitting this weekend! He took it like a real champ- completely mellow and unfaxed. He is the modern sporthorse type. I think he might make a good dressage horse and I am hoping to switch to him as soon as he is ready to go into riding training.

Lastly, my yearling baby boy. Love him to death. He is out of Lolke 371 and my mare. He did well at Keuring, but as he is in that gawky yearling stage, not sure what he will develop to be. he does have a lot of hair!

How did Spider do at the Keuring? I am looking forward to great discussions on this thread!

SunnyBlack 05-09-2012 01:44 AM

Awww, you flatter me Kirei. Yeah there doesn't seem to be many Friesian owners on HF, but this thread isn't just for people who own, but for people who love and are interested in the breed. I love Friesians to death, and my friends tease me that i'm going to own like 8 of them one day.Have a whole barn full of black horses as far as the eye can see, lol.

If anyone has any questions, issues, or topics u want to discuss then dont hesitate to ask. I'm a college gal myself, plus I work a job and Assistant train/instruct to the head trainer of my barn, so normally I wont be able to answer too much until the end of the day (I'm in WA so that would be Pacific Time) but I do have HF on my iPhone so I'll try to provide enough info as possible. I have some great resource websites I'll post soon as well. There's a lot to learn about caring, training, and showing your Friesian so hopefully we can bring a good amount of community to the table here at HF.

To answer your question Kirei, Spider got a 2nd premie on his Foal Keuring, but he hasn't been back since then. He's three now so I'll be sending him to stallion testing this fall here in WA. I have high hopes for him, but as you probably know the FHANA flies in a handful of judges from the FPS to judge all the horses across the North American globe, so the inspection is really up to the professionals. I wish I could bring someone in and have them evaluate Spider and tell me whether he's of "Stallion Quality" or not, but unfortunately the FPS judges can see things no one else can. So we'll just have to wait and see how he does. :(

Your lucky you own three though. If I got to a better place with my own finances I'd take on a Gelding probably. Ultimately I want to own a Driving Pair, I think competing in Show Driving would be SO much fun! I'm a part of the NorthWest Friesian Horse Club, and our President "Will Bron" competes in Show Driving, so i'm sure he could recommend a great trainer to work Spider in carriages. Spider can already ground drive (we use it as a Dressage conditioning aid) so the next step would be transferring that forward motion into a cart-situation. Easier said then done, am I right? Lol.

Oh and btw, Spider is a baroque type too. Well "Medium-baroque" as Sipke 450 is very "Medium" built, and my Sjaard 320 dam was VERY "Big baroque" so Spider landed somewhere in the middle.

Here's a fun pic:

drafts4ever 05-09-2012 02:02 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I'm a Friesian owner as well. I have a yearly stud colt out of the late Nanning 374 (he passed 12 days after Lestat was bred for) and Hinke D Ster mare. He's amazing and has a wonderful personality. I bought him at 9 months and there's threads upon threads here about his difficult entrance( stupid former trainer) up until him now and today. He's great and I love him to pieces.
Here's my Lestat. He's registered Leroy SDP and I don't like that name at all and since I can't change it I've barn named him Lestat. Leroy is only for rated events.

My goal for him will be theatrical performance like my drum mare, dressage, maybe some low jumping if he finds it fun (nothing serious), and english pleasure. Eventually he'll be studded to select friesian mares but that's not for a very long time.
Here's pictures from his first show ever. He did great!

SunnyBlack 05-09-2012 02:23 AM

Wow super cute. And I see your in washigton too? Are u a part of the NWFHC too? If not you should join, we have quite a fun time up here. (There aren't many of us, but put enough friesian crazy gals in a room and well... see the sparks fly lol.)

Btw thats a big colt. I wonder at what height he's at currently? And thats awesome that you named him after the Vampire Lastat btw (that is the analogy right) because i just ADORE "Interview with a Vampire", lol. Was that a halter class you showed him in?

And don't get me started on Nanning 374, aka, "The Stallion with the Best Confirmation." I literally wept (no joke) when I heard he passed. I loved that stud so much, and was hoping in the future I could own a colt by him. (now im sure prices will be more competitive unless they collected prior to his passing.) I'm glad however to know that the "Fenway Foundation" did an autopsy on him. Finally we have a Medical Practitioner Facility dedicated to the health and welfare of Friesians. 'Bout time, we really needed one! I'm excited to see what Fenway and Nanning 374 give back to the Friesian community.

Costume classes are fun, I personally want to enter a few too. Do they allow you to show studs in costume classes, though? :/

Oh and since we're on the topic of horse names, Spider got his the day I first saw him at 4 months old. He was in his stall with his monster of a dam (She was huge, no joke.), when I noticed this giant spider inside the stall-door frame. I told the owner right there that I could not go in the stall, and I swear the little bugger heard me because the next thing I knew, he turned around and ate the spider!!! He just opened his mouth and CHOMP! ate the dang thing! Oh and btw, he still lives and breathes today so I dont know if that thing was poisonous and now my horse is some kind of mutated "Super Horse" like Spiderman, lol. Or if somehow when you swallow it whole, you avoid the poison? Who knows, but basically that little act of serious "Badass Ballsiness" set the stage for his general persona, and it's been all down hill from there, lol.

SunnyBlack 05-09-2012 02:52 AM

Oh btw guys, here are those resource links I promised. I wish I could edit my first post but you know HF... maybe I can try asking a mod?

Anyway, Friesian Management, Care, and Training links:

Friesian Crazy website and Encyclopedia:
Friesian Crazy
[I can't stress this website enough. Some GREAT info on technical terms and FHANA/FPS horse registry and studbook standing. Please read and brush up on your knowledge of Approval requirements.)

The FHANA homepage:
Friesian Horse Association of North America - FHANA
[A website we should all be familiar with, lol.]

The IFSHA homepage:
International Friesian Show Horse Association
[For all you Friesian show stoppers.]

Anneke's Friesians:
Welcome to Anneke's Friesians! Dedicated to the purebred Dutch KFPS Friesian horse since 1981. Home of Friesian stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.
[A great resource for inside info on the breed, shows, training, and the FPS]

The FHS homepage:
The Friesian Horse Society, International registration for Friesian Horses in North America, including B Book and D book horses and Friesian Part-breds.
[For all your Part-Bred Friesian horse needs.]

The Fenway Foundation:
Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses Inc.
[Your number #1 Fresian health and welfare resource. I have already spoken with a few of the Fenway vets about some issues, and they were very kind a personable.]

If anyone has anymore links they'd like to share then post 'em up. :)

drafts4ever 05-09-2012 04:44 AM

yes you can show studs in costume classes depending on the show. Some have rules because of younger kids and some space things out.
The theatrical work I do is similar to Cavalo Equestrian Arts who I've trained with and work with during the summers and I've always worked with Seattle members of Cavalia. My Drum mare is trained through some of their seattle members as am I. Fun times! Yes Lestat is named after the Vampire. He tends to switch between the Rockstar from Queen of the ****ed and the Romancer from Anne Rice. That was his first ever halter class. It was a little schooling show. He missed last years Kuering because his breeder injured her back. They took a different colt to the show because Lestat was going through an awkward gangly baby and she figured with her injury it would have been difficult with two colts.

I love (d) Nanning and was so sad he passed. I too wanted a colt from him and figured I'd never get the chance after that but then I met Deb from Rainier Friesians and she had a 9 month old Lestat. I met him, fell in love with him and snatched him up the next day. He's a big boy, should top out in the 16.2 range possibly taller. His mom always throws 16-16.2 and Nanning threw big as well so I'm hoping over 16 hands for him. I'm 5'2 if that helps, I haven't taped him recently.

I'm not a member of the club but I am a member of Fhana. Where in WA are you?

Cruiser 05-09-2012 09:15 AM

I'm new to the breed, only having seen a handful of them and always in harness, carriage and cart. Never under saddle (I know they can be ridden but these were historical displays) So excuse the question. But why would care, training and handling be different from any other horse?

SunnyBlack 05-09-2012 11:48 AM

Friesians like many horses have their own set of issues and traits. They were inbred to survive so they also have certain diseases they can easily develop more so than other horses. In addition the Friesian training and inspection system is extremely grueling and most trainers and instructors are few and far between leaving the average owner Little availability in information and management of these wonderful horses. Remember the Friesian is still considered a rare breed and although the breed is becoming more popular few people have experience in handling or managing them.

Anyway I'm on the way to my barn to see my Friesian now so I'll be back later today to give more information on the subject in the meantime I'm sure some my other fellow Friesian owners can give you more helpful information on your question.
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MySerenity 05-09-2012 03:22 PM

I have a half friesian (by Raven out of a swedish warmblood mare) that I bought last year. We are training for low jumpers and she has been getting better and better.

Friesians a put together uniquely so you have to adjust your training. Today my trainer was working on getting her to tuck her knees more and trying to teach her to be able to compress her long body to adjust her stride better. She was explaining that Signa has a very long back and extremely strong hindquarters so we have to teach her how to use that to her advantage. If you have a trainer that refuses to work with how the horse is put together (since they aren't built like other breeds) then you won't be successful. You have to embrace the differences and work with them. Some people aren't willing to give them (friesians or part friesians) a chance.

I'd love to follow this thread and see what people have to contribute. :D

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