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sapphiresrider 05-08-2012 12:57 PM

Blackie <3 :D
I've decided that until I come back from holiday, in August (long while, I know :oops: lol) I'd get to know some other horses and ride them, get something different to ride rather than my energetic cheeky girl! Hehe. Last Wednesday I booked myself in for a lesson at a riding centre just 5 miles away, and I was given this beautiful boy to ride. He's 14hh, a perfect size for me, although I do enjoy the 16hh+ :-P I don't have any photo's of my riding, but I took this after the lesson when I was asked to take him down to the field :) I just love him! Wouldn't mind buying him, lol. No, I don't think Sapphire would be pleased. He's a little on the lazy side, it took more effort than i'm used to to get a decent trot going, but that's why I'm taking lessons to learn more.

cakemom 05-08-2012 01:00 PM

What a lovely view!
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Spirit Lifter 05-08-2012 01:07 PM

What a pretty boy! Would love to ride him in a parade!

sapphiresrider 05-08-2012 01:13 PM

I love him :D I'm going to a lesson with him again tomorrow. Can't wait! Last week, I was half nervous, I was worried I'd be on a rocket that runs off everywhere, I can deal with my own mare but others are just... :lol: He's a lazy dude, but I'm hoping to soon change that!

Country Woman 05-08-2012 02:08 PM

what a nice horse

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