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02heatherness 05-09-2012 01:33 AM

I have a 3 yr old that I got recently and I have no idea what color she is exactly. This link shows pics of her and her bloodlines (Yearling Dutch Warmblood Cross Filly) and here is a pic of her as a foal with her mom.
heres a pic of her as a yearling

My best guess is Maximum White Sabino?
She also has a medicine hat though.
And the gal I bought her from said I could register her as a Pinto...

Someone please help me out!

Chiilaa 05-09-2012 02:56 AM

Sabino and splash.

Medicine hat is only a way of saying that she has a cap of colour over her ears. Most white patterns try to leave the colour on the ears - white ears could mean deafness.

Poseidon 05-09-2012 07:55 AM

I'm kind of wondering if she's got tobiano in there too the way she's got color on her chest and flank and the coloring of her tail..

blue eyed pony 05-09-2012 08:05 AM

Mamma is splash and sabino so it's more than possible that your filly is too. I also am wondering if tobiano is a possibility as well just because of where the colour is left on her body... flanks and chest is pretty typical of tobi.

edit to add; just had a look at her sire, he is tobi with a star and snip... starting to feel like it's more and more likely that she may indeed be tobi/splash/sabino.

Chiilaa 05-09-2012 09:11 AM

*blush* I didn't even realise there were pictures of the sire lol.

I agree with Po and BEP. Tobiano too lol.

02heatherness 05-09-2012 03:20 PM

Yea here is a pic of her dad so you don't have to go to that link

02heatherness 05-09-2012 03:22 PM

lol thanks everyone :)

02heatherness 05-09-2012 03:27 PM

Could she be registered at all?

Poseidon 05-09-2012 10:51 PM

She could be registered pinto.

Suz 05-10-2012 08:43 PM

OMG, she is sooooo beautiful!!!

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