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Brittz 05-09-2012 01:52 AM

On the bit & keeping seat :) PLUS last lesson feedback!
Had a really great lesson the other day :) On a lovely gelding called Rocket at a new trainer, I ride english and she's this lovely german lady. The place is really cool, small but tidy and heaps of gear you can borrow. Rockets 21 but he's a talented hunter, loved riding him. I just found with the last few horses i've riden i've had trouble keeping the horse on the bit. Also I wanted to ask if there are any tips on getting a deeper, more relaxed and still seat. I have been bobbing around a lot, have trouble keeping my legs long in no stirrup work and it shows when I try and keep my feet from slipping slightly in the stirrups.

ALSO, I'm kind of going to two riding schools now, one is this new one and the other i've been going to for three weeks or so...I don't really know if I should let either of the trainers know im going to two places...but neither have enough spaces per week for 3-4 lessons, which I want so going to two was the best thing I could come up with :S

HorseyGirl12345 05-10-2012 09:11 AM

I can't help you with getting the horse on the bit, but to sit deeper stand up in the stirrups at a walk and really push your heels down. It should help you to keep your feet in the stirrups.

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