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Mary Liz 05-09-2012 04:03 PM

Opinions on Nose Piercings
Hey so I want to get some opinions on nose piercings from some people. I love the look of nostril piercings and I want one like the one Slash has but I have concerns on a lot of stuff about them. First off being I don't want to get a job in the future with a hole in my nose because that doesn't look professional and if I'm right the hole doesn't close up. Also I don't want to get a scar on my face if something happens with it. I think it would be cool to have when I'm out with friends or things like that but I want to look professional at work and school. I do like belly rings but they are super dangerous so I know that's a no no but this is right in the middle of the face which is both blessing and curse. I have heard of clear retainers that hide it but my concern is with that it will still be noticeable does anyone know if that works? Does anyone have one and like it? (Sorry if this is posted somewhere else)

Adam 05-09-2012 04:18 PM

If you are having any doubts about having a hole in your nose and it looking non-professional, then don't get it. However, that being said, (and this is just a personal opinion) if you've only got one piercing in your head (not counting ears) I don't think it's going to affect your look in the professional world. Now, if you go all crazy and wind up looking like you fell face first into a tackle box, that's a different story.....

kitten_Val 05-09-2012 04:32 PM

I worked in several places and noone had piercing in nose (or any other part of the head besides traditional ones in ears). In at least one company wearing one was against the policy. I agree with it, because IMHO it looks unprofessional.

boldstart 05-10-2012 03:23 AM

Got nose pierced and love it.
I will never take it out (well, until im older anyway) but its just something different about me.

If you are that worried about your career dont get one, however there are ways you can go around it.
-Get a clear bar (still visible, but taes a bit of looking)
-Put a bandaid over it
-Or take it out all together (eg i would take my out for work which could be up to 8 hours and the hole wouldnt close. However i couldnt do this until I had my nose periced for over a year)

The hole will close, but will take some time.
Also invets in L bars, curved bars hurt to take out and if it gets caught on anything my bar will just fall out. No pain or anything - just need to buy another bar.

Im guess im lucky that in my career I can get away with a nose piercing but again, if you are that worried and are in a highly professional career, dont get it.

Saskia 05-10-2012 10:24 AM

It's up to you.

While, in Australia at least, you're not meant to be able to discriminate against someone because of such things, it happens all the time. People will judge you because of how you look, but this isn't just limited to piercings.

If you really want it get it. As mentioned before, there are many products you can use to hide it, and even though a clear one is visible, you'd be surprised how little people actually notice. Also, a nose piercing has less negative associations than other facial piercings I think. You can always take it out, and probably only have minimal scarring.

Why do you think naval piercings are so dangerous? I had one for years.

CLaPorte432 05-10-2012 10:35 AM

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I had mine done for about 8 months. I liked it, but kept ripping it out while sleeping. So it never healed properly. When I took it out, it closed up very quickly. There is no scar and your can't tell I ever had it done.

Mary Liz 05-10-2012 03:40 PM

Saskia the reason I think they are so dangerous is because the piercing is right by your artery in your stomach. That is really dangerous when if it gets infected and people can die from it or be put in the hospital. Adding this too my dad is a doctor and mom an RN and they have almost put someone in the hospital because their navel piercing had gotten infected. To me that makes me never want to get one even though I like the look. But I know a lot of people who have them but to me its way to risky.

So this is my question if I end up not wanting it after years of having it will it heal over? And the more I think of it I really want one.

nvr2many 05-10-2012 03:45 PM

I have a tiny diamond in my nose. Love it! I forgets its there. If done right can be a classy look IMO.

Bearkiller 05-10-2012 04:00 PM

I work for a fortune 500 company and my previous employer was also a fortune 500 company. Both companies have policies against facial piercings. Although at my specific location, people probably wouldn't care, it could be an issue down the road if someone wore one. Besides, are you really being that different by getting your nose pierced? It's not at all uncommon. How many "soccer moms" have tattoo's now? It's the "in thing". I have a cousin who claims to be an anarchist but he's friends with my Grandma on facebook. haha

nvr2many 05-10-2012 04:04 PM

Oh, I have a navel one too. And I think I am kinda conservative ha ha.

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