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Klassic Superstar 05-09-2012 04:09 PM

We ended on a good note, what do you think?
So Tuesday (yesterday) went out and saw my little man. Poor guy got attacked by the. It's in the two days I wasn't there :( his belly was swollen with adeima and bites from his wee wee to where you place the girth, luckily the swelling stopping right before that! I know he was bothers by it, I sprayed him with fly spray and put swat on his effected tummy area:cry: he didn't show any signs of discomfort when I lunged him or girthed him up.

Our ride wasn't near as fluid and relaxed at Saturday's but I feel I worked him through it and now have good understanding to what we need to work on. I took the suggestions so e of you gave me to help hi balance in the canter. Looked great on the lung line but to the right under saddle he locked his jaw and his hips where to the inner part of our circle and his back felt like one solid cement block so I didn't want to "fight" with his so grabbed a dressage whip to help him move his hind end over and keep his shoulder up. I would just give him a small tap and release when he moved correctly. I did some turns at the walk with the whip before just doing it in the canter. He was not happy with the whip but he settled. No buck, he had every chance to throw a buck in....but he just tossed his tail and lifted his hind end a bit. I just ignored it and kept going.

So I'm posting a video of how we ended our ride. He was so much softer to the left and stretched in the trot after. Talked to him really helps him..and me I think.

To the right was so much better then how we started out.

Any and all advice would be great. I need to keep working on myself. My arms need to become for bent but believe or not they where pretty relaxed. My heels need to come down more. Maybe bring my stirrups down a hole or two :? I have a lesson this weekend and will try to get video but I might not be able to too.


Klassic Superstar 05-09-2012 08:12 PM


Skyseternalangel 05-11-2012 01:07 AM

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Hmm for the first part I think you were kind of chasing each other at that canter. Personally I think it was a little fast especially with the kind of responses he was giving you, so it was hard for your seat to be as smooth but you did a great job keeping up.

I would try bending him more around your inside leg, having your shoulders farther back, it looked like you were sort of reaching a little bit. You also looked a little bit stiff, how did you feel when you were cantering him?

I think before you canter you should try to do more figures, leg yields, and if you know any lateral work that would help him out too. He didn't seem focused on you.. more just going through the motions if that makes sense?

But lovely! Seriously jealous though, you and Ollie are so great together.

The second part is much better. His trot to the left is beautiful and I loved seeing him reach down. You still look a bit stiff up until the 3 minute mark. There your arms and legs and seat are noticeably better. Maybe you should try vibrating that outside rein.. he seems to hang on it some times.

The transition around 3:48 or so I see loose rein then as soon as he gets trotting it gets really right. That shows you that you stopped riding him through the transition. Gotta keep riding, girl! Push him into that bridle as you ask him to step it down to a trot to avoid snagging him in the mouth with the bit.

Watch that loose-tight rein, that can really make a horse sour and bracey and resist the bit, etc.

Klassic Superstar 05-11-2012 01:21 AM

Thank sky, I was having a very hard time getting him to bend around me, that was exactly what my goal was, but he was so stuff, tense and rushy I used my whip to ask him to at least move his hind end over by just placing it on his bum...he can throw some huge bucks and didn't want to make the ride worse. This helped but he wasn't happy. I think I was tense cause I hate being filmed, I feel like I'm silently being judged harshly and it freaks me out. Dumb I know lol

Skyseternalangel 05-11-2012 01:25 AM

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Originally Posted by Klassic Superstar (Post 1495180)
I hate being filmed, I feel like I'm silently being judged harshly and it freaks me out. Dumb I know lol

It'll get better! No one is going to judge you harshly :) You and Oliver are awesome together and your riding is your business. Now if you want a bad rider, feel free to look at my videos haha! I'm a mess on my horse, but I'm learning still.

I really do think if you did some circles and serpentines with him and stuff then he'll loosen up a lot more. You've gotten his back and stuff checked for pain, right?

Klassic Superstar 05-11-2012 02:03 AM

Yup no pain
I think his belly was bugging him, pretty swollen from bug bites. Girth area was clear. I checked for pain and he showed non before and after :)

tinyliny 05-11-2012 02:13 AM

Sam. I can see that you are probably right handed and Ollie is left handed. He goes much better going left, and so do you, (where your right hand and leg are the stronger and more supportive ones) This is also the case with me. I canter much better going left becuse I don't struggle as much with centrifugal force when I have my stronger right side out there to keep me upright.

When you went cantering and trotting to the right, you actually were rolling a bit to the outside (centrifugal force was pushing you out). I could see you were not squarley over the horse in shots where you are moving awayf rom the camera, circling rightward.
Thus, you were gripping up a little the inside leg and the outside might have been a bit braced. If you grip up with the inside leg at canter, you are unable to give him a nice vertical and solid leg to bend around. you have to roll your upper inside thigh right agains this saddle (your right leg) and make sure you are nice and down into that inside leg and giving it to him to support his bend. I did not see this happening when you circled to the left.

Also, when you get the locked elbow, you lose the following hand. bring the elbows in to your ribcage. When you ask him for the bend and you use your inside hand, before , or right at the same time as, you contract your hand, contract the muscles that are right behind your armpit (your lats). So, your "squeeze" that is asking for the bend originates from your lats, then through your hand.

bring your hands up a few inches. you keep trying to bring him down by lowering your hands, but it ends up losing the line to the bit. and he fights that.

Try putting the reins in one hand from time to time and ride ala cowboy style. just for fun.

Klassic Superstar 05-11-2012 06:24 PM

I completly agree with you!!! Sucha work in progress with the little man! I was deff. sitting way to far to the left, I could feel it, i tried getting myself to sit evenly in both stirrups and ride insde leg to outsde rein but yeah that was just prooving to not really work with him saddly. Im hoping to have a better ride this evening!!! I might get some video I dont know. Thanks, I always feel better when you tell me what you see!!!

Klassic Superstar 05-11-2012 10:28 PM

Would like to update, no viedo but two whitnesses! LOL Took O out and didnt lunge him or naything just got on and thaught relaxed and forward and nothing else.....smooth, relaxed 20 minute hack in the arena and our canter was way better and more realxed then tuesday's ride. he was way more supple through is back and using his hind end and not locking his jaw, wasnt perfectly round through his neck but he was so relaxed and stepping under himself and 10x more balanced then tuesday :) I was so happy!!!!! Whata good little man!

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