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ToLoveHorsesForever 05-10-2012 11:30 PM

Critique for Second Show, Please!
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These are some action shots taken at my second horse show. My boyfriend took all the pictures and I have to say, he made my horse look really good. However, the two of us were having a bad day so I know this wasn't my best show.
Also, I have a video from the show (which really demonstrates how much trouble my horse gave me), but I don't know how to upload it. If someone can explain how to upload a video, I'll post it so everyone can critique that too.

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Klassic Superstar 05-11-2012 12:13 AM

You have no release in over your jumps, your horse is very tense and bracing. Your heels need to be forward rather then out. You need to relaxe your hips and move with the horse. First **** your upper body is way to upright into your horses neck because your bracing down with no release for him. Your horse is beautiful. Your looking up, you look confidant and well dressed! Your horses knees seem good, your both trying hard and just need mote work in relaxing to, over and after the jump. I wish I had your good wau of looking up, I can't seem to o that. In the last picture your shoulers are braced down and rounded but you have a bend in your arms and a slight release! But your legs need work there, shorten your stirrups, toes in bend at the hop a tad and breath!

Is your video from a phone? If so upload it to your YouTube account (or make one then do so) and then copy paste the vido link on this thread for us to see!

How old is he? Green! Breed?
Would love to se your guys grow together better in jumping, you both show huge potential in it together! Just practice practice practice!

tinyliny 05-11-2012 12:44 AM

I am not a jumper, but I can see that the release is not effective and the horse is anticipating being jerked in the mouth. He is not feeling free to jump over these very low jumps, so he contracts up really tight and pops over them.

I would work some with a trainer on getting your leg really stable and doing some crossrails on a lunge line so that you get really confidant about being able to follow the horse over without jumping ahead of him, or relying on the reins for balance. And your horse would be free to focus on doing his job. When you took up the reins again, the two of you would have so much more confidence in each other.

I will agree that seeing the video might help in understanding why this comes about, but the overall picture is of you hunching over and being really tight, and the horse contracting back and being really tight.

I agree that he is perfectly lovely and you will be a great pair in no time.

ToLoveHorsesForever 05-11-2012 01:58 PM

[/IMG]April 28, 2012: Ministirrups - YouTube

here's me competing in ministurrips. This was our worst run.

Klassic Superstar 05-11-2012 02:20 PM

In the video, Good staying up and clam and not making it a bigger deal for him, kuddos to you for that but you need him alo and I MEAN ALOT more forward off your leg then that itty bitty western trot....Your arms are so low, so tight that you need to shorten your reins, spread them wide and bend at the elbow, I think a good short reins (NOT TIGHT, but have contact) would really help, having hands in your lap will just get you dump all the faster, but you satyed on, stuck with it and go through it!!! Good job. You need to shorten those stirrups of yours more, drive him from you seat, use lots of voice with him, it may sound dumb but he looks like he doesnthave any confidance in himself and you need to be there to support him, push him ad praise him for the good, doesnt mean pat him but "good man, Iknew you could, Thats IT. You can do it.." with things like that get there attention you, not to play tricks to try to get out of it. If you feel him start to duckout, trying to turn off the other way growl at him, kick and spread your hands wide. make him go forward even if its not to a jump but anywhere forward, once he is going forward relaxe, breath praise and act like nothing happend and go again. Forgive but dont forget, be on your toes (not litterally) and look ahead of where you are going, pretend there is no jump. Those jumps are so small that if you had gotten him ina forward trota nd looked up he mostly likely would have trotted over most those. You need more hip angle over the jump even if its this mall, its part of the begginings of your relase, once thats there move your arms up his neck, hands on either side. getting your body to do this might be tricky. He seems like a fun horse but has alot to teach you and thats great! You will grow together so much in the next few years if you keep up like this.

If I where you I would work on" Getting your stirrups shorter, shoulers back, arms bent, hands wide and on either side of his neck and start working on praise and growling and sitting very deep if he starts to feels like he will drop out through either shoulder, if he does this and your going the other way like inyour video you kick him forward and ride him where you want to go with a purpose and all the time he starts going the way you want him to use your voice, "good boy" Think forward forward forward!!!! Thats the first step to getting him to think about you and what you want, him going thats low gave him all the time to say oh here where are going this way now...nope this way...nope. I have been there done that its frustrating but teaches you to sit up, drive and move on like it didnt happen but expect every time. You will get there. Your pony is very cute!!!! Id snatch him up ina heart beat! You fit him well and I see you can improve alot with hime and patiance. ANotehr thing is when he throws his head down and around as if to say Im going to try to dump you be scared...having a short rein will make your arms bend more and hands up and that with should help with that probmelm, but again he does somthing naughty like that and I think its cause he has low confindace is growl say Get up there. then as soon as he does breath and praise, good boy! and ride him FORWARD! I belive in you and know you will get there! Nice weather is upon us so get out there and practice practice practice!

JanetsPaintedRayne 05-11-2012 02:27 PM

I'm going to be honest and say this is the first video I have ever watched that involved jumping. Obviously he was being difficult but I commend you for sticking with it and not losing your cool. If that was me I would have slumped over and cried like a fool. I wish you the best!
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Klassic Superstar 05-11-2012 02:30 PM

It takles a confidant secure rider to work through somthing like that (not sayingyour not one JanetsPainted Rayne!!) I did that myself a couple times asa small kid onnaughty ponies but I know relize I was on those ponies to get my self confidance up and learn how too ride to a fence like its not there and go onto whatever is next! I know havea 6 year old Dutch/TB cross who is teaching me to waita nd sit and wait and sit and then go over together and wait and sit and waitand sit for the next fence...someone thimks theyr yeady for the 2012 london olympics....thank you ollie but no.....ha NO! practice practice! we are getting there!

JanetsPaintedRayne 05-11-2012 02:39 PM

Lol, it's okay (I know my riding needs work no shame here). I would also like to state that I hadn't realize how techinal jumping is. I bet my daughter would love doing this! Anywho, I will stop flooding this thread since I am of no help.
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