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DingDong 05-12-2012 02:41 AM

Funny pharmacy customers
Funny pharmacy customers

I work in a pharmacy and I meet the oddest people. It's so hard to keep a straight face sometimes.
These are some situations that have happened to me or my colleagues.

Diabetic customer: I invented a secret machine that cures cancer! And everything else!
Me: That's great!

Lady: I have a prescription. Is it ready?
Me: Ma'am, it's still in your hand!

Man: How much will this medicine cost me?
Me: I don't know. Do you have insurance?
Man: Yes.
Me: Do you have your insurance card?
Man: Of course not. Can't you look it up?
Me: Umm.. no, I don't have online access. However, I could call the insurance company. It will take me 2 hours since they will put me on hold.
Man: But I have it in my car!
Me: In your car?
Man: He runs out to the car that's parked with the motor running in the disabled parking spot (he doesn't have a disabled permit). He comes back and hands me the card.
Me: Your medication is for cosmetic purposes. It's not covered. It will cost you $200.
Man: That's crazy! My copays are only $1! I see the medicine on the shelf! Just give it to me! Here is one dollar (he literally hands me a dollar), now just get me that medicine.
Me: I'm sorry, your copay is not one dollar. It's not covered.
Man: Oh fine.
I ring him up (the whole process has taken 45 minutes)
Man: Oh yeah, I also want to pick up all of my grandma's 15 medications. Are they ready yet?!

Lady: My doctor called in my prescription. Is it ready yet?
Me: Sorry, it wasn't called in yet. Why don't you give their office a call?
Lady: Call them yourself. That's not my job.
Me: Ma'am, I am doing ten other people's prescriptions. I have three phone lines ringing and a line of people with questions. I don't have time to call your doctor.
Lady doesn't call. She silently stands there and stares at me for 30 minutes while I'm busy doing the ten other people's prescriptions. It takes FOREVER for them to realize that I'm perfectly serious about what I said!

Man: I want to refill my prescription.
Me: Which one?
Man: The white has a long name I can't pronounce!
Me: What is it for?
Man: Umm...then he looks at me hopelessly. I don't know, it's there somewhere!
Me: I proceed to read to him the 20+ long list of all medications he's ever taken in the past 6 months.
Man: Oh okay! I'll just go home and get the pill bottle!

Skyseternalangel 05-12-2012 05:12 AM

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LOL my dad is like the first guy

Wow that would get rather frustrating, but at least you have some humor :P

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