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tlkng1 05-13-2012 06:14 PM

First Show at Training Level
We had our first foray into Training Level on 12 May and this was also combined with our first show off property.

Thehorse did great while I flubbed my TL 1 test; had a brain freeze for a moment and mixed up the right lead canter circle for Intro C with the right lead canter circle for TL 1. Still, came out of that test with a 63.750 after 2 points were deducted for MY error. I apologized profusely to the horse and gave him a half dozen peppermints in the time before the second test.

Our warmup for TL 2 was interesting with him anticipating the canter. Still, he went on to the ring and being the ham that he is, settled down and this time, I remembered the test :) and he did well. We tied for 2nd with a barn mate of mine and scored a 72.321.

No more Intro level for us...this final show at our property for the Spring series I am ditching Intro and going with Training Level all the way :)

Training 1:
Training 2:

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