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hsharp123 03-22-2007 08:53 AM

What do you think of my baby girl?
Hi guys!

What do you think of my baby girl? She is an irish sports horse (but actually by a coloured dutch warmblood, out of a tb mare)
Be nice cuz shes my gal! Also this picture was taken a year and a half ago when she was a baby (4yrs) and she was still a lil arse high.


Elz x

meggymoo 03-22-2007 09:03 AM

:D She's lovely. Good conformation, even thought bum is only the tiniest bit high! :lol:

You can def see the tb, nice floating paces too! :D

What discipline do you plan doing?

hsharp123 03-22-2007 09:17 AM

Aw thank you, I think id lv her no matter what she looked like though! hehe She has been concentating on dressage to get her flat work spot on ready for jumping, but i have been popping her over a few x-country fences to keep her interest. She will hopefully event. (i wish i had a more recent photo of her as she has bulked out and taken a more warmblood look now)
Although she may be put into foal this yr as she is getting awfully bitchy recently especially to my lil boy. He really cant understand why she doesnt like him-hehe
Here he is (he is 3 and a half now) broken last year as he was soooo bored and becoming naughty! He is a hanoverian x Tb.

kimcore 03-22-2007 09:21 AM

They are both lovely horses...... I have a thing for greys..
How big are they both?? I'm dying to get a WB... I want one so bad...

meggymoo 03-22-2007 09:21 AM

:shock: Wow!! What a handsome fellow.

I can picture your mare doing well at dressage, she definatley looks loose and floating.

You have 2 lovely horses! :D

hsharp123 03-22-2007 09:26 AM

Dont do it! hehe They are such a cocky breed (love it really) Tennyson is the worst for it- he simply cant understand how anybody could dislike him and looks really offended when flo growls at him! hehe

My girly is 16hands and the lil boy is standing at 15.2hands and still growing (i have been told to expect him to reach 15.3/16hands but to bulk out a huge amount as he has such a big frame (he permenantly looks under weight, boney and ribby no matter what i do, but i suppose that babies for you.Lanky animals!

Do you have a horsey? if so what is he/she?

meggymoo 03-22-2007 09:31 AM

I have a tb x Dales, she's 15.1hh and a 11.2hh section A, gelding.

I'm putting my mare in foal this year, she goes next week. :D She's being put to a British Warmblood

hsharp123 03-22-2007 09:47 AM

Thats crazy- my mare is by irco Lhee (out of the same lines as ico, marco polo)
Check him out!
Probably some relation of your stallion choice.
Have you been to see him? They all seem to have such lush temperaments. How come you decided to put your mare in foal? What have you done with her (she looks lovely)

I want to put flo to alderfern II (hes gorgeous)

hsharp123 03-22-2007 10:12 AM

Come on guys! Any feedback is much appreciated- Honestly!!

Elz x

meggymoo 03-22-2007 10:41 AM

I liked Alderfarn II, he was my third choice. :lol:

Small world!

Another one I liked was Umenno

He was my original first choice, but he's AI only. And it was too far to go. :(

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