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kjr5horses 05-15-2012 08:54 PM

New To Mini's, Lots of Questions!
Hello everyone!

Okay so I am moving to a ten acre horse farm in June/July. We are going (in time) turn it into a nice facility to train horses and board a few people there as well.

My co-trainer/friend and I want to look into buying a miniature colt next spring/summer if possible.

We wanted to train and show it and if it does well and has fantastic conformation, possibly offer him up for stud for a couple of years before selling him(possibly). And doing it again with another mini if it all works out.

So I have a few questions and we really want to do our research before buying and putting time into this.

First off, we are trainers and deal with mares, stallions, and geldings almost on a daily basis. We handle problem horses and younger ones as well as give lessons. We have both handled mini's before but only to exercise them since their owner was too busy at the time.

Now I have looked into miniatures, stallions particularly, and found numerous ones that I like and I would want our colt to look like. For example,, I like that he has a lighter build and is more Arab-like than pony like.

Q1: Is this a better look for showing?
Q2: What are the pro's and con's of a lighter horse?
Q3: What kind of conformation and things do you look for in a miniature stallion?
Q4: What do you look for in a colt when deciding if he is show or pet quality?

Also when showing a miniature I saw that there are many different kinds of classes and what not. We were looking into showing him in halter type classes ect..

Q5: What do the judges look for in these classes?
Q6: What do they judge in the horse?

I also read that judges like to see color in their classes and in some it said that the judge based the points etc. off of color and only 20% off of the rest.

Q7: What do you look for color-wise when looking to show a horse?

Other Questions:

Q8: How much do you feed your show mini?
Q9: How much do you feed your show stallion?
Q10: How much does it cost you per month to feed one mini? (Stallion)
Q11: Do you think we could buy a show worthy colt for $800 or less? (TX)
Q12: Are there stallion approval or tests for miniatures?

Any advise and tips are welcome! We are looking to learn as much as possible to make an informed and realistic decision.

Thank you for reading this novel!

Endiku 05-16-2012 08:11 PM

Alright, well we don't show our minis, but we do breed show-quality miniature horse so I'll try to answer what I can.

1. Yes, in shows you generally want to see a miniature horse that looks exactly like its full sized relative, but in tiny form.
2. There arent really any 'cons' if you breed the horse-conformed miniature horses IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. If you breed them with too light of bones though, there will be a greater chance of unsoundess down the road and having joint/muscular problems.
3. When breeding, you want a miniature stallion who's done things, not sat around in a pasture. Minis can be just as versatile as horses and I like to see that expressed in a stallion. They should have clean bites, well porportioned heads, long necks, good shoulders/hips, short backs, straight legs, short cannons/pasterns, flat knees, be tested for carrying the dwarf genes, and should have horse-like movement, not pony strides.
4. See above. Those are all things that you want to see in a show quality mini. It should already be well handled as well. Double registery is a good idea, and you shouldn't buy a colt that looks like it will grow over the class B height, because you cannot show it.

The rest I can't really answer, but I can tell you that a lot of judges are very subjective in their judging. One might love wall eyes while another might hate them. One might favor the extremely liht one, another might favor those with significant bone. It just depends.

I also live in Texas, and I think that yes, you may be able to find a show quality miniature colt for $800. Most likely not under though, and if you're looking for something thats actually going to do really well in the higher shows and not just little local shows, you need to go to a notable breeder to look for your colt- and you're looking at paying more like $1,500+.

Budhorse4 05-21-2012 09:31 AM

I too own a stallion, although he is two and will be gelded here shortly. I donít plan on showing much this year as I decided to just take the year off and enjoy my horse. When I do show this is what I feed:


half flake of grass hay that has a little bit of alfalfa, half cup of Purina miniature horse feed (Purina Horse Feeds - MINIATURE HORSE & PONY)

Then I will turn him out on his dry lot for the day while I am in school.


Pasture for 30 minutes while I clean stalls, buckets, prepare meal.

half flake of hay, half cup of Purina miniature horse feed.

Of course each horse is different, Cash is worked 4-5 days a week for 30 minutes so he doesnít need much extra to maintain his weight. As he gets older, Iíll be breaking him to drive and that may require me to change his diet to replace the extra calories. In show season, Iíll often give a joint supplement as well as a standard supplement to make up for any nutritional needs that may be lacking.

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