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Cherie 05-16-2012 12:46 AM

Looking for an apprentice for all around training
Well, Many of you that have followed me for the 1 1/2 years I have been posting here know that my health and riding ability have declined drastically in the past few years due to severe arthritis / degenerative joint disease. I can barely ride a tiny bit but for training purposes on green and young horses, I can no longer ride effectively at all.

I obviously know what needs to be done and know how to do it after training full-time for more than 50 years. I just can't do it any more. I enjoy teaching training techniques that work in the real world. We have enough horses --- 10 - 12 that are started but green and 10 - 12 that have not been started yet and 5 - 6 that are well broke but not 'event' ready and need more finish work.

I have had a young lady work as an apprentice for the last 8 months. She has learned how to properly start a young horse but did not realize how much she did not know about going on and actually teaching a horse to be more 'broke' and more 'finished' beyond just being 'started'. She had been a bit overwhelmed by what she found out she did not know. She has also been away from home for the first time and she has gotten too homesick. She is getting ready to go back home, shortly.

So, we are going to need someone to ride horses and help on the ranch around June 1st. Husband does the feeding unless he is unable sometimes do to health problems. But, he does most of routine chores. [He is 70 and has had quadruple bypass open heart surgery.] There are no stalls to clean and no show-barn. All horses are kept out and run on pasture or in outside runs. This is not a fancy show place but a working ranch. There are lots and lots of good horses to ride.

Someone needs to be self-motivated, ambitious and driven to ride and train. Our methods lean towards reining and reined cowhorse basics but we no longer try to get horses show-ready for these events. Our age and ability have not let us keep up to a competitive level in these events. We still have horses that could go on to the raining pen. We have also sent many of our horses on to roping, penning, sorting and mounted shooting records as well as making a lot of really 'finished' trail horses.

We will help the right individual learn to finish horses and even show locally in Oklahoma if they desire to go that direction even though we can no longer show ourselves.

We are not looking for someone to be 'rough' on horses, but a person must be a confident and assertive rider and must ride very well. We do not want to teach someone how to ride. We want to teach someone how to train. We always keep cattle and/or bison on hand to teach horses on. We have outside arenas, a big round pen to work cattle in and a 60 foot round pen. We ride a lot in the pasture and in really rough canyons and hills located 5 miles from the ranch. We do not have an indoor pen.

We have a 27 foot RV trailer that has been set up permanently for housing. It is probably more suitable for a single person than a couple or family. It is a paid position, but is not going to get anyone wealthy. We spend a lot of time working with someone and will increase pay when someone can do more and more without as much supervision.

If you waded through all of this, you must really want to ride. PM me if you are interested.


tinyliny 05-16-2012 03:15 AM

Oh, Cherie, in another lifetime I would be there in a heartbeat!!!!! If I were not tied to a family, not already 54 and had a bit more riding experience under my belt. I would totally love such an experience.

I hope you find the right person. If only . . . . .

Skyseternalangel 05-16-2012 03:28 AM

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Same here, kicking myself that I'm in New Zealand right now.

But you'll find the right person!!

usandpets 05-16-2012 03:34 AM

I agree tinyliny. If only... I had heard about this a year ago. I didn't live in North Dakota and lived closer. If we didn't just dump a ton of money into the place we are moving into. I would be all over that.

I'm just starting myself, with training horses but have some experience. I would love to learn more on finishing besides just putting miles on.

I hope you can find someone to help you out.
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DrumRunner 05-16-2012 01:39 PM

Why does my life has to be so upside down right now?? I would have loved to take you up on this. If only!

SorrelHorse 05-16-2012 01:46 PM

So many "if only" posts....And I'm another one. I live so far away...I've actually been looking for a position exactly like this. :/

smrobs 05-16-2012 01:50 PM

Cherie, that is a wonderful opportunity for a young aspiring horseman/woman. I hope you can find someone that will work hard for you and will benefit from your vast knowledge.

MHFoundation Quarters 05-16-2012 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by smrobs (Post 1503032)
Cherie, that is a wonderful opportunity for a young aspiring horseman/woman. I hope you can find someone that will work hard for you and will benefit from your vast knowledge.

I agree, fantastic opportunity for someone who really wants to learn. I hope you find the right one Cherie.

Lins 05-16-2012 02:11 PM

Where are u located?
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Skyseternalangel 05-16-2012 07:27 PM

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Originally Posted by Lins (Post 1503063)
Where are u located?
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She's in Oklahoma, other than that.. noo clue

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