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We Control The Chaos 07-28-2008 07:23 PM

Curses on Rainrot...
Okay my horse has rainrot or some type of fungus on his face. Its on his blaze. Just his blaze. If I scratch at it it will come off, but i dont want to scratch his whole blaze hair off? I have been putting stuff on it and im not sure what to look for improvement wise. I also thought i was sunburn? I have never seen it before but the skin is under is very red. I thought it may could be irritating? If anyone has a clue that would be great. :shock:

FoxyRoxy1507 07-28-2008 11:17 PM

try putting something on it called Muck Itch, it comes in a spray and u can spray it on his face and rub it in, if you cant find that put hydrocortizone on it. a bunch of the rescue horses we got would have it and my horse would get muck itch and my vet perscribed that or the hydrocortizone and you can get the from any pharmacy or walmart and it wont harm ur horse.

let me know how it goes.

FGRanch 07-29-2008 01:40 AM

You can also try MTG. Works great on lots of stuff like that!

.A.j. 07-29-2008 09:20 AM

Sounds like sunburn. My horse likes to burn his nose, too. Try to make sure he has shade and maybe a full fly mask. If not you can use sunscreen on the area.
I have seen aloe cream in a tack shop, that might help him?

We Control The Chaos 07-29-2008 11:31 AM

thanks everyone. :D keep ideas coming. im going to try the hydrocortizone cause i have some in the house. my old trainer told me once about horsey sunscreen? i have never seen it. maby some of you have? :wink:

i wish a full fly mask would work. but Doc will take it off and rip it to shreads :roll:

kickshaw 07-29-2008 11:49 AM

if it is indeed rainrot and not sunburn, try an athlete's foot cream (antifungal)- if it is sunburn, DO NOT(!) apply MTG - - the oil in it will only cause his face to burn more :(

Sara 07-29-2008 01:41 PM

Curses on rain rot indeed...I had a flare-up again this year. I went on a 3 day vacation, come back, and BAM; scabs up and down both sides of his neck and one flank. Hope its not going to become a regular occurrence :?

I usually just use m-t-g, but a friend recommended Micro-Tek to me ( this stuff: ). I decided to try it out and the problem cleared up immediately after one bath and 2 days of the spray on the problem spots. Granted, I got it early too.

The downside is the price...its expensive stuff. $50 for the shampoo and spray together. But I was very happy with the results and hopefully I won't have to use it more than 2-3 times a year *fingers crossed*

If he's only having a problem on his blaze, I would question whether it is actually rain rot as well. Are you just getting skin flakes or actual scabs?

We Control The Chaos 07-29-2008 02:11 PM

I have Mirco-Tek. I have been putting it on a towel then rubbing it onto his face seeing he won't let me let me spray it on his face. I haven't seen an improvement.

I really am questioning weither it is rainrot or another type of fungus. Its not flaky. It is sticky and mushy. If I scratch at it it pulls chunks of hair out. But i dont want to pull out his whole blaze? I'm going to the barn and I'll try to get a picture of it.

Sara 07-29-2008 02:41 PM

Yuck, that sounds nasty. Good luck.

GallopingGrape 07-29-2008 03:00 PM

No need for horsie sun screen. I use Banaboat SPF 50 for humans.. its waterproof and sweat proof and works great.

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