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poppy1356 05-17-2012 11:37 AM

Why is buying a saddle so frustrating??
Ok, sorry this is sort of a rant and a huge pet peeve of mine.

When you list your saddle for sale include measurements. Correct measurements, google how to do it if you have to. Also put up some pictures and make sure they are clear.

This is stressing me out more than it should. I need a saddle, I do not have one that fits my horse. I have been borrowing a saddle that doesn't completely fit. It sits on the withers, so I am using a band aid (riser pad) for now. Luckily it fits every other way and after a good workout she was completely dry under the saddle, sweaty around saddle, so I know it's fitting that way. But I cannot borrow tack forever.

I know what I want in a saddle but I am also willing to settle for anything that is usable that fits both of us. But how am I supposed to shop for a saddle when you put one blurry, dark, and off center, weird angle picture with a description that it's a medium tree because it fit your horse and you measured a 17 in seat, and I can only guess that you measured wrong due to the lack of information.

Does anyone else feel this is frustrating?? Sorry for the rant but this has been really getting on my nerves. Thanks to all who actually read this.

rob 05-17-2012 03:38 PM

hi you know what size saddle fits your horse?do you know the width of the gullets,the length of the bars and such?

poppy1356 05-17-2012 03:55 PM

Yes I do, but I don't think bars apply as I am looking for english. She needs a 7.25 in gullet, has a pretty flat back but very high withers. She has a slight dip above her shoulder as she needs to build muscle yet. She can have no bigger than a 17 in seat.

rob 05-17-2012 03:57 PM

my apologies.i didn't realize you were riding english.

poppy1356 05-17-2012 04:05 PM

Haha no problem, I actually think it would be harder trying to find a western saddle. I have tried almost all the saddles at my barn and none of them clear her withers or are wide enough or short enough. They are all western.

Golden Horse 05-17-2012 04:46 PM

I swear that from now on I'm taking my favorite saddle when I go horse shopping, if the saddle doesn't fit, not buying the horse.

poppy1356 05-17-2012 04:50 PM

Haha I wish I would have started looking in January when I got her but I couldn't ride her then so I didn't bother. But it's just insane or people seem to think that their stuff is worth what they paid for it before they got it all dirty and didn't take care of it. It shouldn't be this hard. Grrr wish I could take my horse with to look at all the saddles.
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MyBoyPuck 05-17-2012 05:31 PM

I actually brought cardboard cutouts of my horse's withers, back and shoulders with me for saddle shopping. I used a flexi-thingy (sorry I have no idea what it's called. You can find it in any store that sells architect type supplies). Anyway, I used the flex thing to get the exact shpae of my horses withers, then copied it to cardboard and made a cut out. Same with the back and shoulders. I definitely helped weed out the instant "no"s when I was looking.

I do feel your pain. Saddle shopping is a *itch.

poppy1356 05-17-2012 05:45 PM

I did that, that's how I know what I'm looking for. Everyone's idea of wide varies so pictures really help to tell if they are way off. And to look at one I could easily drive an hour or more around here which with gas prices I want to make pretty darn sure it's going to fit first. I really wanted a dressage saddle but I may have to settle with an ap. the tack store has what I want but I'm not depleting my savings for a saddle.

Oh yea and there's seems to be an abundance of people who don't respond to emails. How do you expect to sell something without responding to questions and giving me pictures. Ugh so frustrating. But on a better note someone finally emailed back, although I'm not very hopeful it will fit.
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dee 05-17-2012 08:26 PM

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It took me two years to find a saddle that would fit Dancer...and me. She's high withered and has a short, broad back. To make things more difficult, she lost a lot of weight at one point, started gaining it back, got sick, and lost a lot more weight. She wouldn't hold her weight long enough for me to try to see how wide a saddle she did or didn't need.

I had pretty much given up, when older daughter and her hubby surprised me. I should have known when they were asking so many questions about what size/type saddle I was looking for.

It ain't the best saddle in the world, but beggars can't be choosers!:D

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Hang in there. Hard to fit horses are not impossible to fit horses - and think of how you will feel riding in your own saddle!

And there is a reason why it was so hard to find a saddle, it had to fit her back, and my backside! (I felt sorry for her the first time I rode her, (and it was in a saddle that didn't fit either one of us very well), but she seemed to enjoy it until she got tired of the saddle pinching her withers)

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I can't wait to use mine!

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