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SunnyDraco 05-17-2012 12:36 PM

Color Coat Test mailed today ~guess the grey status
So the hair has been pulled (poor baby lost some tail) and the test is in the mail today. Anyone want to guess the grey status before the results get back?

Dam: Misty Morning Glory Part-bred Arab

Sire: Da Sir Dierich Arabian

Trillium's pictures to help you guess his grey factor

Chiilaa 05-17-2012 12:39 PM

Not grey :-)

muumi 05-17-2012 12:56 PM

I voted not grey, but for me, its just a shot in the dark.
Love flea bitten greys though, like mommy.
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SunnyDraco 05-17-2012 01:35 PM

That is what we are hoping for. It would be a shame to loose his beautiful chrome in a grey coat ;)

The coat color test will take out all second guessing since some don't show signs of grey until they are older. For example, this filly turned out to be grey:

NdAppy 05-17-2012 01:35 PM

Also going with not grey. :-)

Rascaholic 05-17-2012 02:00 PM

I went with gray just because I am usually wrong LOL. He is a pretty boy.

Chiilaa 05-17-2012 02:00 PM

I would have to say, I would have suspected the filly was grey. The dark, dark legs and adult colouring screams it to me.

ArabGirl 05-17-2012 02:47 PM

I'm going to vote a definite NO on the grey status. He doesn't have goggles and I think most greys tend to be fairly dark when they are young (notice how much darker the filly is).

He looks bay all the way! Cute little guy! :)

SunnyDraco 05-17-2012 03:02 PM

2 Attachment(s)
A different bay/grey filly than the one posted before. I have month old pictures of her, she didn't have the dark legs and was already shedding out of her baby coat, turning her face dark. Don't have any newborn pictures of her, she was a month old when my cousin came and picked her and her mom up.

1 month old
Attachment 98427

6 months old
Attachment 98428

My cousin makes her look quite tall, but she stopped growing at about 14.2hh :lol:

MyLittleHunter 05-17-2012 03:28 PM

I'm thinking not grey. :-)

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