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3Barrels 05-17-2012 04:15 PM

Which bit?
So, I've been looking into buying a 3-piece bit for my mare for awhile know, and these were some of the options I've been looking at:

Any other suggestions are welcome (:
I will most likely use this bit for western showing, thus it can't have any gag action (Jr. Cowhorse).

Then I have been considering getting one of these rubber mouthpieces for my gelding. He runs barrels in a chain bit (yell at me if you wish) and does well in it, but for at home I ride him in a single jointed loose ring snaffle. He seems to really like the flexability that the chain bit offers compared to other bits I've tried him in.
Anyway, for at home/trail rides/other arena work/ocassional shows etc. I was thinking of trying him in a rubber bit.
I realize this in an english bit, but you can connect reins to the first "circle" like a wonder bit to us it like a snaffle, .. correct? We do occasionaly enter a gaited pleasure class (he was a racking horse back in the day) just for fun, so would this be accepted?
Whisper Shank Bit - Shank Bits from SmartPak Equine

This is what I was originally looking at, but the price makes me cringe if I'm just going to try it.

Once again, any other suggestions are greatly appreciated (:


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