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aaibel 05-17-2012 09:26 PM

stolen filly.....i need your help!
Hi Everyone,

I have found myself in an unfortunate circumstance and am looking for as much advice as is goes:

I sold my mare who was in foal at the time and as her weanling to whom i thought was a reputable breeder who was also the stallion owner. Both the mare and the weanling were sold on payment plans. Ignorant of me to trust a payment plan-sure. Have i learned my lesson-yes!

However, a few months into the contract, payments were not being received, checks were bounced, and phone calls stopped being returned. Soon i found out via the COTH forum that this breeder was in foreclosure, had lied to multiple individuals, had been sued before, and was sought after by many for owed funds or stolen horses. Fearing that my horses would end up in the hands of animal control, i wanted to get them out of there right away.

Long story short, this was not a fight I could win on my own so I had the help of a lawyer, police officers, the head deputy of the agricultural department in the town the breeder resigns in, and a wonderful breeder whom I now call a friend thanks to this ordeal in the area help me out. (Bonus points for meeting wonderful individuals in the process!!!!) Unfortunately after hours of fighting and working on getting my horses back which were rightfully and legally mine as determined so by the legal contract, multiple officers, and lawyers whom had all reviewed and were all in agreement with the fact that I was the rightful owner and the contract was breeched. Sadly, I only was able to leave her property with my mare who was extremely pregnant (ended up foaling 3 days later a very healthy filly!!). I was blatantly lied to about my now yearling being away at the trainers preparing and getting ready to leave for the horse show. At the time, unable to walk onto her property, there was nothing else that could be done. My mare was taken to a wonderful farm and I'm thankful for getting her out of that situation, but that still left me without my yearling....

Now, i am at a loss of what to do. She will not return my calls, emails, deleted me from her Facebook account, and has made things very difficult in general. I have had neighbors of hers try to contact her without success. Had she been honest and communicative, i would have been willing to work this out. However, i have had no such luck and have as a result filed for a court order for the removal of my yearling and have also begun the process of suing her. My lawyer wrote up a letter that was certified and sent via Fedex which required a signature upon delivery as well as proof of identification which was accepted. She has received my letter. Has she followed such

I am wondering what else i can do. I do not want to cause more drama or play the blame game. Really, all i want is my horse back safely and in good health. What i am worried about mostly is my yearling ending up in the hands of another person who was unaware of the circumstances and being caught in the middle. She has no right to sell the filly, yet has posted her sale add on not only her personal website, but also on, dream horse, equine now, and youtube. Selling her is illegal, and i wish for the breeders sake she realizes it before she does sell as that would be a FELONY! I played nice, and that got me no where. Im not playing mean now, im just playing fair. I have notified all outside sources/websites she is using to market my filly for sale that indeed the horse she is claiming as her own is not her and is in fact STOLEN. They will be removing the adds that the breeder has placed for my filly.

What is there left to do? ANY and ALL advice is greatly appreciated!

CLaPorte432 05-17-2012 09:33 PM

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WoW. Thank goodness you got your mare back. Question though, what happens to the filly that she just foaled? Who does she "technically" belong to?

I think that you have gone about things is the correct fashion and I'm not sure if there is anything more that you can do but wait and let the courts handle the situation.

If she won't present the yearling to you, I'm afraid that maybe she no longer has the horse and is trying her best not to tell you so...?

*Sigh* Why can't people just be honest?

aaibel 05-17-2012 09:37 PM

the filly that she just foaled was given back to me when the breeder signed over my mare. i think the breeder did realizes she was in over her head and i wasn't going to let down and giving me possession of my mare again was all she could do. There was no more fighting it on her end.

i do know that she still has the yearling. i have video proof the yearling has been on her property and was on her property the day she told me that she sent the yearling to a show. I'm glad to know that she is at least still there and hasn't been sold yet.
problem is getting her back.....

CLaPorte432 05-17-2012 09:41 PM

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Keep your head up and keep hounding the police and your lawyers and whoever else to help get the yearling back.

Half of the battle is knowing where the yearling is... ;-)

aaibel 05-17-2012 09:43 PM

thanks so much ClaPorte...that part of what I'm doing posting about it. I want as many people to know so they don't get hurt like i have been and so that they can also keep a look out for my filly!

spread the word to anyone you know!

SunnyDraco 05-17-2012 09:44 PM

Can you get a warrant? Maybe a visit with a sheriff while holding a warrant would allow you to claim her? Just a thought

CLaPorte432 05-17-2012 09:47 PM

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Are you allowed to release the details of the yearling so incase anyone of us sees her on horse for sale sites, we'll be able to notify you?

aaibel 05-17-2012 09:48 PM

Sunny Draco, that is what we are doing. i thought it would be simple to get a warrant and have a sheriff come, unfortunately it takes a while to get one and actually a court order for the removal of the filly is needed.
If i can't get the filly to be just turned over, somewhat like how the mare situation went down which although wasn't easy, was easier then this that would be great.
basically my feelings are she made my life miserable, she has hurt others, and i am within my full rights to make selling MY YEARLING as hard for her as possible. i will remove all adds, post everywhere, remove all videos and pictures possible, so that essentially selling her becomes impossible for this breeder. maybe then she will realize she is better off just handing me back my horse....

aaibel 05-17-2012 09:49 PM

Sure, if you would like to know her name is "Raven Ridge" she is by redwine out of my mare Secret Venture. She is a black filly with two hind socks and a swirl like stripe on her face.

thanks for the extra eyes!

SunnyDraco 05-17-2012 09:54 PM

That must be why you need to rip her arms off to get her back, beautiful daughter of Redwine ;)

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