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ajkesilewski 05-17-2012 09:47 PM

Help! Need Guidance Somewhat
Okay, I would really appreciate people with extensive knowledge or ideas, perhaps experience with this. I have a 4 year old Arabian filly. She is about 14.3 hands and weeks ago she injured something. She was outside and was bucking like a maniac, came down and her right hind lameness was the result. She did not like walking for a few days, did follow up with hosing and stall rest. She was find to walk and move after that. HAd vet out today. Her build is peculiar. She has uneven hips whether due to an old injury, but her right hind hip does protrude out more and is naturally weaker. Nerve blockers done today just to rule out hoof and stifle. Hip does not hurt when pushed on. US going to be done Monday. It appears injury deeper into hip. Anyone have an advice or experience.

Conrad And Freddie 05-17-2012 10:23 PM

My friend has a horse that seems to be similar to this, although he is coming 23 years old. She purchased him over 2 years ago and when he arrived he did not favor his hind left leg and his left hip seemed to stick out. He was in no pain when you pushed on it, he simply did not like to lift that leg or rest on it. When he was ridden you could feel that leg dropping and he was in obvious discomfort. They got the vet out and it turned out to be a problem in his back. He was recommended to have half an hour lunging session every day at a walk and a trot to build up the muscles in his back and he had to see a horsie chiropractor. I know its not really the same thing, but I thought the story was similar enough to share. I hope this helps :)

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