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kitten_Val 07-29-2008 06:37 AM

Teaching horse to balance
OK. Here is the issue. Whenever I ride up the hill my horse wants to canter. People who rode with me said (and I agree with them as it feels like it) she does it because she doesn't have a good balance yet (well, she's just 4). How could I build that balance? Any suggestions?

iridehorses 07-29-2008 08:31 AM

Kitten, you can establish balance by sitting your horse properly and being careful of your weight/leg position. Many riders call it "sitting quietly". A lot of movement from you and your horse continually needs to adjust to compensate.

As for your horse wanting to canter up hill, it's normal. Horses find it easier to canter rather then walk or trot up hill.

kitten_Val 07-29-2008 10:52 AM

Thank you!

I'm trying not to bother her as much as possible on up hills and down hills keeping legs off the sides and all. :) Yes, I do understand it's easier for her to go like that up hill. I was just confused, because people stated it's HER lack of balance so she try to balance herself up by cantering...

jeddah31 07-29-2008 07:30 PM

lean forwards, leg on and half halts. like iridehorses said, your lack of balance would be effecting her. if you continue having problems, do transitions up and down the hills, within the pace as well as between paces to get her listening.
so trot walk trot forwards trot, then steady it right back down to almost walk, then forwards trot again then walk etc

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