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MicKey73 05-19-2012 01:29 AM

Swollen front fetlock, lame for 10 minutes then fine??
Hi! I have a 7 year old OTTB that I recently adopted. Bo was showing intermittant slight lameness on his right front, especially at the trot. He was shod correctly (because his feet, all 4, were a mess) and then some body work, and has not been lame again....until today. Today, according to the barn owner, he and another horse were chasing the horse at the bottom of the herd for quite a while until the BO noticed and intervened. She then saw that Bo was holding his right foot off the ground and appeared very lame on it. BO took him immediately and found a bit of swelling in the top rear of his fetlock. She cold hosed him for about 15 minutes, but after 5, the swelling was gone. At the end of the 15, he was no longer lame or swollen, but as a precaution, she put an Icy-Hot type creme on the joint and standing wraps and that's where he is now. Ideas on what's going on?? She described the swelling as 'squishy' like fluid.

EDIT: I just realized Bo and BO couldbe confusing, sorry!! Horse is Bo, Barn Owner is BO ;-)

Skyseternalangel 05-19-2012 01:57 AM

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I would get it checked out by a vet. I'm having a similar problem.. there is something not right in it swelling up and going away then coming back.

Lameness isn't the ONLY factor showing something is wrong :) So I advise to spend money to check it out rather than keep treating the symptom not the problem.

MicKey73 05-19-2012 02:04 AM

I will definitely get the vet out, but I'm not gonna lie, I had hoped the correct farrier work fixed it. Any idea what it could be?? Apparently they were running HARD for quite a while. Makes me worried for his long term soundness.
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Skyseternalangel 05-19-2012 03:04 AM

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It could be bone chips, it could be an infection, it could be arthritis.. it could be anything. Maybe she's got bruising or abscessing. I'm not sure, but let us know what the vet says. Mine comes out this Monday.

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