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Janna 05-19-2012 03:58 AM

Not so tough now? :P
To those that saw the post about the gelding that I have that's really aggressive xD

went from, if you ask him to move he'd start kicking; rear at you.. ear pinning... and would carry through with his threats. Kinda making it hard for you to 'win' in any way. lol.

anyway.. I can honestly say he moves now :wink:
yes, still gives attitude, will act like he's gonna throw a kick but hasn't carried through in a while. tonight I got him in the round pen, got him walk/trot/cantering and changing directions. At first he would do the attitude thing, pin his ears act like he wanted to get in my space, kinda get in kicking position and hop his butt a little but those back legs never come out... But I've been keeping a nice lunge whip with me at all times, guess he decides that dang thing does sting cause at first he was not scared of it at all lol. I reminded him and pushed him harder when he would do anything like that. ended it when I could move him without much/any attitude and 0 offers to kick.
I could walk into his space and he would back away. no offer to rear or anything. I could point at his hip and he would move it away, both directions. and I could point at his shoulder and make him move his front end away. he was nice tired and sweaty by that point though

I think we're making some progress. Hopefully we can get through this. I expect him to test me occasionally no matter what but that's a horse.
Right now I trust the stud here more than him o.-

Skyseternalangel 05-19-2012 04:07 AM

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Well good to see you laying down the law and keeping him in line :) Hopefully one day you won't need to be so on-your-guard with him.

Keep up with it, and if possible have a trainer around so you can learn more about having to handle this horse. One can never learn enough :)

Janna 05-19-2012 04:22 AM

Hopefully ^^

So I didn't put a whole lot of his past on the last post but here, I'll put some.

when he was about 3-4 he was bought from an auction as 'green broke' They sold him to this man, and grew up riding bulls and 'cowboying' and being rough with his horses, never babied them or treated them as a friend.
so I will say this horse had a very hard hand used on him, I guess the guy naturally had the body language or whatever you'd call it, a horse generally would already know they better not try anything. He was a pretty strong guy too so to a point he could get a little physical with them if needed. he was kept at this 20 acre pasture there.. mixed herd. He rarely gave the man a problem and I myself even had used him for trails [even ones off property with other unknown horses] at that time he was a middle of the herd kind of horse when it came to dominance. He was a pretty nice horse to be around.
the man then moved and took his horses with, which was [this horses name is biscuit.] biscuit. 2 mares and another gelding. he was there for a few years, and then brought back to the 20 acres. and given to the people who owned that land. for some reason he came back really aggressive. totally dominated the herd. even the herd stallion and dominant mare. he was very aggressive to all the horses there so they wanted him gone.. which is how I ended up with him. The people with the 20 acres baby their horses, never work them and give treats a lot. only ever called up for feed.

soo, I don't know why he became aggressive towards other horses. but as far as people go. I pretty much do.
He went from heavy hand, which probably hardened him a bit. to spoiled, which is very bad. soo spoiled 'hardened' horse.

Dang people -_-

Spirit Lifter 05-19-2012 09:47 AM

It's nice he has you in his life! Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:

Janna 05-19-2012 06:46 PM

Thanks you !

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