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farmpony84 07-29-2008 03:37 PM

Farmpony's Journal
I've never had a journal before so I don't know how well I'll do with it. I rode Blue yesterday (bareback w/ no helmet and slide on shoes). He was really good, we work on our western jog and english trot. I couldnt really get a canter out of him because he was being lazy and I was bareback, so I'd get 2 or 3 strides out of him and he'd break but I enjoyed myself.

I found a dead cat on the way to the barn. I thought it was my Sally but it wasn't, it was one of her kittens. I bet Flash got it. I can't even be mad because he's a hound and that's what they do but it makes me really sad. Ellis is going to have to burry it today. I would keep the dogs in but we have a terrible flea problem, I got them under control but I don't want to put them in a pen because they'll get infested again so right now they are out when I'm home and then right back in. I left them out yesterday because they took off before it was time to go to work and I just didnt have time to chase them.

I'm going to try to ride Blue again today. I feel like I never get to ride anymore, I'm so busy right now and it's hot and... I'm just going to start riding everyday before I feed. I'm not going to tack up, just go bareback. I love bareback. I need to buy a couple more panels for my roundpen though because it's way to small.

My flowerbeds got over run by weeds so I've been pulling weeds and laying that black paperstuff down. I'm never goign to finish. I've also been working on the fence at night. My place is such a mess. It makes me sad to look at it. Nothing is done, I mean, not one single project....

Anyway... That's my exciting first post. I'll try to figure this journal writing thing out... I'm sure I'll get better as I go...

Small_Town_Girl 07-30-2008 08:46 AM

I think I'm to chicken to ever try bareback riding, lol. :lol:

Poor kitty, seeing things like that depresses me... :(

Good Luck riding Blue Again! :D

farmpony84 07-30-2008 10:40 AM

..So last night I burried that poor kitten. It was really pretty, black with little white paws and a white tummy. It was really feral so that was the first time I really got close to it. It really was cute. I hope Flash doesnt get Sally. I'll really be sad if he does. I'm goign to get that under ground fence and run it around the property line so that he can't go near the barn. But first I have to have an extra $200 to pay for it, you wouldnt think that would be all that much money... but it is...

I rode Blue Boy bareback again, I love him. He was really good, only got about 2 strides on the canter again. I was thinking that the round pen was too small to canter in so I took Pistol out and climbed on him bareback, I hadnt ridden him in months, forgot how big he is! Blue is only 14.2 so getting on Pistol bareback at 15.2 is a huge difference. Anyway... he popped a buck! LMAO... brat. I rode him for about 5 minutes and then went and got a saddle. He walk trot and cantered w/out any issues... so now I know blue just needs to work on his balance so that he can canter in that small of a circle...I am going to by more panels to make the pen bigger though...

This morning when I fed I must have forgotten to shut Beautys door because when I came back down to let them out on my way to work, she was standing in the hay! LOL... I can't believe I forgot to shut her door!

Moxie 07-31-2008 11:54 AM

I'm scared to ride bareback.
I'm terrified to canter
I'm petrified to ride a buck

I'd probably pee my pants if I was riding bareback, at a canter, and the horse through a buck. umhum.... Pee my Pants!

Small_Town_Girl 07-31-2008 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by Moxie
I'm scared to ride bareback.
I'm terrified to canter
I'm petrified to ride a buck

I'd probably pee my pants if I was riding bareback, at a canter, and the horse through a buck. umhum.... Pee my Pants!

bucking is nothing, but bareback and bucking is another story, LOL!

farmpony84 07-31-2008 01:08 PM

You guys crack me up! A buck bareback at the canter on Blue would be like popping your recliner into the layback position and then sitting up again... A buck bareback on Pistol with his withers already splitting your girlie parts in half, not so fun... He's gentle though, it was more of a mom... your bugging me type of pop up in the back, where one leg kicks out half heartedly... He's naughty!

So... My lesson yesterday was a lot of fun. they had said the heat index was going to be like 102 so everyone cancelled and I got my trainer all to myself! I had her lauging so hard at one point I was sure I had killed her! She kept yelling at me and another lady was watching and she was laughing so hard, she was like.. I could video tape this and watch it, it's just like one of my lessons! Getting screamed at 90% of the time... I suck... My trainer always tells us... "I can't push a button and have the horse ride perfectly for you... You have to learn" So yesterday I told her... "I can't push a button and ride perfectly for you... You have to teach me"... good thing I was on a horse, cus she looked mean!!! LMAO... I had a blast... I even got the lope... sort of.......

Moxie 07-31-2008 04:55 PM

YAY! How wonderful is that!

So, when are you going to record your lessons for us? I was brave enough to put up vid of my big bum eating the saddle. Your turn! lol

farmpony84 08-01-2008 11:36 AM

I found a really old recorded lesson i would put up... I dont know how to do it? I need to get hubby to come out and video tape one and then I need to learn to download and post... Maybe next Wed. I can talk hubby into coming out and video taping me. But.. the old ones I found of me and blue I'd post (he was really green back then) but I'll post them....but I dont know how...????

Moxie 08-01-2008 11:04 PM

I've never used youtube for anything. I just started watching vids offa there, but not much because it takes forever to download them on dial up.

I just upload all of mine to photobucket. I like that website because I can put my vids and pics up there, so they're all in one place. I just have my husband upload them while he's at work. It's not like he's doing anything better anyway. :lol: You know how those administrators are.

farmpony84 08-04-2008 10:22 AM

I finished my paddock this weekend! It's so pretty... I'm so proud of my Ramm fencing.. .But let me say, don't let anyone tell you it's EASY to put up! Yikes....

I still have to do my pasture... Ugh... so much work.

Blue tried to sneak through the barn doors yesterday and he got himself tangled in the bungee (we had the doors open and a bungee across as a gate). He got tangled and stood like a perfect statue until my husband could get him untangled. He's so smart!!!

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