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Endiku 05-21-2012 12:32 PM

Shetland x Mini cross critique!
Just for the heck of it, how about a conformation critique for Robin? Sorry the pictures arent perfectly squared, he's quite the antsy boy sometimes and I was by myself xD

A funny note though, one of the parents out at the farm saw me bend down, grab his tail out of the way to show his entire butt and legs, and snap a picture...she walks over to me with this shocked look on her face and goes 'Little girl, WHAT are you taking pictures of?!' I tried to explain that I needed a picture of his legs squared up with no hair in the way to show the angles of his legs to check his conformation...but I dont think she was convinced. So now I have some lady out at the farm thinking I'm marketing horse porn or something :rofl: thats horrible!

Anyways, Robin is a 7-9 year old (we're guessing, he was donated to us without papers) shetland x mini cross. He's 39" tall ;) Feel free to beat him up, we still love him to death! And yes, he does have minorly clubbed back feet, but they don't bother him so they don't bother us! ;D He's still a fantastic therapy pony and the kids love him!

Well he's over at the knees, thats for sure! :shock:

The picture that got me in trouble...

lilruffian 05-22-2012 01:32 PM

Not a bad shoulder and neck set. Needs muscle and i believe consequentially his head looks bigger.
Nice depth of girth for his size.
Over at the knee in the front legs.
Back's a bit long and he is bum high.
Very sharp slope to his croup.
Back legs dont look too bad apart from the feet.

Endiku 05-22-2012 04:50 PM

Thanks! Yeah, I've noticed that a lot of miniatures that I've come across (he and my mare Sour included) have considerably steep croups and tend to be butt high. I guess it must be a fairly common fault with them.

Could you remind me what faults tend to cause 'jerkiness' in striding? He's got an aweful trot which is why we never did try to train him for the buggy, and even his walk tends to be a bit jarring, I've noticed. Thankfully the kids find it funny, but its very interesting, especially since I always assumed that the slope of the shoulder had to do with striding.

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