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TeegasMommy 05-22-2012 05:53 AM

Critique my horses! (:
First one is my 17yr old 15hh paint mare, Teega. She's pretty fat right now, but I like her plump, then I never have to worry about her through winter (;
^Squared up
^First ride (:

Alrighty there are a few, will get some better ones later on too.

Next is my 21yr old 15.2hh arabian gelding, KC. He is gaining weight back right now. Yes I know the pictures SUCK, but I'm working on getting better ones when I go out there Thursday.
^Hanging out eating his beet pulp/weight gain
^Kind of squared up
^Other side, squared up
^Just because I can't resist his face (;

And thirdly is my mini mare, Splash's Dots and Dashes aka Splash. She's 12yrs old and 35.25" tall, and definitely a stock type mini, no doubts there.
^Side pic
^Other side pic

That's pretty much it for my pictures on my babies for now. I will get some better ones this week if the weather permits. Be as honest as possible, their flaws are obviously overlooked because they're my babies, and I love the heck out of them (;


lilruffian 05-22-2012 01:29 PM

First mare has a slightly upright shoulder.
Not a bad neck.
Front legs look good.
Back may be just a tad long and is a little swayed with age.
Nice hindquarters.
Back legs appear to be a little posty.

The Arab has a decent shoulder.
Nice depth of girth and good front legs.
back is a lacking in muscle, but that comes with age in many horses.
Back's a bit long and croup is flat.
Again, posty in the back legs.

the mini's got a nice shoulder and thick neck,
Hard to say about the front legs because of all the fluff. Possibly over at the knee.
A little high in the wither.
Nice bum.
Can't really say much about the hind legs either but they look ok in those pictures. Nothing glaringly off anyhow.
A nice trio of horses.

TeegasMommy 05-22-2012 10:36 PM

Thank you (:

TeegasMommy 05-23-2012 02:15 AM

Come on people I need some critique here (:

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