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BoldComic 05-25-2012 02:17 PM

Renegade boots
I searched for threads on Renegade boots before starting a new one but most of the threads were pretty old and I'm thinking Renegade has made some design changes during the last year or so.

My parents have been using the Easy Boot Edge and have been pretty happy with it but my dad needs to replace his front pair and is thinking of trying something new. He's leaning towards the Renegade. Can those of you who have used them give me the pros and cons? Thanks.

MyBrandy 05-27-2012 12:04 AM

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I love mine.. had a little hiccup with them:
Rode in them 3 times no problem, then I started playing with the cables and tightened the bottom strap too much and the boot twisted and I lost it - MISTAKE! They actually stay on the best if they are NOT too snug! Anyways in the mean time I was emailing with this lady from Renegade boots support and she had been very helpfull..
Yesterday I readjusted everything and lunged my filly in them - no problem with twisting or boot coming loose..
So today I went for a 3 hour trail ride on rocky trails here in northern IL, some spots were muddy as we had thunderstorms roll thru last night, and the boots stayed on no problem while walk, trot, canter and GALLOP :) they did not move. I am so happy with them, I finally figured out where I was making the mistake.. I was tightening them too much - they don't need that to stay on..

Anyways will be getting a pair for my gelding after my farrier's next visit for trims :)

ALSO I got the bright orange color, that one time that I did loose the boot (again my mistake) I had no problem finding the boot because of the color
I will try to dig out a picture - I know I have it somewhere

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